Criminal Minds is addressing one of the burning questions I had going into season 10 early and in a major way in this week’s episode, “Burn.” How does Garcia handle shooting someone to save herself and Reid?

The season 9 finale saw Garcia be the only one who could do what had to be done to protect herself and Reid as he recovered from his gunshot wound in the hospital bed, and that meant doing something she hasn’t done before: picking up a gun. The first episode this season saw Reid rubbing at his neck and Garcia admit to not sleeping because she’s having nightmares.

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Now, in “Burn,” while the team heads to Seattle to investigate a series of abductions and murders and find an UnSub who was abused in the past and now wants revenge, Garcia goes to Texas to confront the man she shot as he waits on Death Row.

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Usually, the focus is on the case, but this time, it’s all about Garcia visiting Greg Baylor – and he has one final request. “I want somebody there,” and she’s the only one who has reached out to him. But will Morgan have her back?

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In an extended scene from the promo, Morgan completely disagrees with Garcia as she insists that she needs to go visit Greg. “Going to see the man who almost killed you and Reid is way beyond crazy,” he argues, but she has to tell him that she never meant for him to end up on Death Row. She needs him to have her back, but Morgan tells her to “wake up.”

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Criminal Minds season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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