Here’s one made just right for me – at least on paper.  SOAPnet unveils its latest sizzling new baby, when MVP – about the Canadian Mustangs hockey team – premieres tonight at 11.  This is right up my alley for the simple reason that ice hockey is my sport of choice to follow.

In any case, MVP promises to be about much more than just speed drills, face-offs, goals, tussles at center ice and ensuing trips to the penalty box.  SOAPnet’s newest summer offering also has a lot to do with the women behind those Mustang gladiators on the ice.

For tonight’s series opener, the Mustangs’ season-opening bash turns to tragedy when team captain Adam McBride falls to his death in his own beautiful home.  His untimely demise leaves wife Evelyn widowed, daughter Molly orphaned, and both of them penniless and out of their posh digs.

Mustangs owner Malcolm LeBlanc is no source of comfort for the suddenly destitute family of his former star athlete.  Quite the contrary, he wastes no time using the proceeds from Adam’s insurance policy to acquire Trevor Lemonde, the league’s number one draft pick.

Meanwhile, another Canadian Mustang has to battle his own demons off the ice.  A player in every sense of the word, Damon Trebuchet lures one beautiful woman after another to help bury a past he’d no sooner forget.  Driven as though on a quest for the Stanley Cup, Damon’s off-ice playmaking spirals to costly depths when one his conquests chances on the camera he uses to record all his steamy encounters.

Featuring Deborah Odell as Evelyn McBride, Natalie Krill as Molly McBride, Dillon Casey as Trevor Lemonde and Peter Miller as Damon Trebuchet among a cast of others, MVP looks to rival NHL superstar Sergei Fedorov’s one-time Lolita romance with retired tennis pinup Anna Kournikova.

Gloves come off when MVP begins tonight with the episode “Game On” on SOAPnet at 11.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: SOAPnet
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Staff Columnist, BuddyTV