After their fatal accident, the Liars must deal with the aftermath of their Alison rescue mission. Meanwhile, Spencer hasn’t gotten over what happened between Caleb and Hanna and looks to drown her sorrows at the bar, right when the girls need her the most. The Liars also devise a plan to show everyone how Elliot was abusing Alison, while Toby discovers that Elliot was never who he said he was. Check out the best quotes from the Pretty Little Liars episode “Hit and Run, Run, Run.”

Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 7 of Pretty Little Liars.

“There is no other way, Emily. It was a well thought-out plan, but when it ends up like this, it’s called first-degree murder.”
– Spencer

PLL704-1.jpgAria: “We need to tell the truth.”
Spencer: “Yeah, what truth is that? The one where Hanna doesn’t know the right pedal from the left?”

PLL704-2.jpg “There’s nothing weird in here. Other than the fact that there’s nothing weird in here.”
– Emily, looking through Elliot’s phone

PLL704-3.jpgSpencer: “You know, you always used to make fun of me for carrying [screen wipes] around, but now who’s an uptight nerd?”
Emily: “You. Still you.”

PLL704-4.jpgHanna: “You’re bleeding.”
Spencer: “It’s not mine.”

PLL704-5.jpg “And for a moment you were distracted, looking for your keys. And I couldn’t stop staring at that cleft in your chin, thinking about how I wanted to trace it with my finger and kiss you. So I never told you about the job and I called them the next day and I told them I didn’t want it.”
– Caleb telling Spencer about a memory they shared with Hanna listening

PLL704-6.jpg “Just remember; being back here, we’ve all fallen into old patterns. This entire night is proof of it.”
– Emily to Spencer

PLL704-7.jpgEmily: “Maybe it has nothing to do with Hanna. Maybe the timing was off.”
Spencer: “I don’t understand when people say that. What is timing? Timing is for figure skaters and comedians. You either love someone or you don’t.”

PLL704-8.jpgEmily: “I don’t know what to say. Good luck, break a leg…”
Spencer: “How about…’knock ’em dead?'”

PLL704-9.jpgAria: “The nurses have to see what [Elliot] did to you, they have to see he was a monster.”
Alison: “I married that monster. How stupid was I?”

PLL704-10.jpgAlison: “The hardest part is knowing that if I hadn’t left her, she’d still be alive.”
Aria: “Or you might not be.”

PLL704-11.jpgMarco: “Hi, I’m Marco.”
Spencer: “Hi, I’m leaving.”
Marco: “Well that’s a very unusual name.”

PLL704-12.jpgMarco: “So, Spencer. What were you doing tonight?”
Spencer: “Burying a body.”

PLL704-13.jpgAria: “Besides, this isn’t the same Alison we knew at 15.”
Hanna: “Yeah, well I didn’t think I was the same person either, but look where we are.”

PLL704-14.jpgHanna: “No, I remember covering it up and putting it by the tree.”
Aria: “The tree? Hanna, look around you, there’s trees everywhere, we’re in a forest.”

PLL704-15.jpgMona: “I put a GPS tracker in his car. So when I saw it drive out to the middle of the woods tonight, I decided to check it out. Call it curiosity.”
Aria: You know what that did to the cat, right?”

PLL704-16.jpg “So do you make it a habit to insert yourself into people’s homicides, or just ours?”
– Aria to Mona

PLL704-17.jpg “You know, there were a few years where I really felt free. I didn’t flinch anymore when I saw somebody wearing a hoodie, or when I got a blocked call on my phone. I thought, it’s over. Like, really over. Like, for real. I took horseback riding, I took a cooking class. I even let friends tag me in photos.”
– Spencer

PLL704-18.jpg “Aria, stop. Drink your mimosa.”
– Hanna

PLL704-19.jpgHanna: “Holy…”
Aria: “Shh.”

Upon seeing Jenna walk into The Radley.

PLL704-20.jpgJenna: “I knew it would be strange coming back but I didn’t think I’d be getting in a time machine.”
Spencer: “They make those in a 4-door now?”

PLL704-21.jpg “Tell Ali I hope she feels better. Or maybe I’ll go visit her; return the favor from so long ago.”
– Jenna

PLL704-22.jpg “Hi, Archer? Can you hear me? It’s Jenna. Jenna Marshall.”
– Jenna talking to Elliot’s burner phone

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