For the latest update on this story, read our latest article: Jorja Fox Speaks About Leaving CSI

As we told you last week, speculation is running rampant about whether Jorja Fox, who plays Sara Sidle, will be leaving CSI. Now more possible details have emerged – but are they true? You be the judge.

Beware of possible spoilers for the upcoming season finale, set to air May 17.

Previously it was reported that her character was set to go missing, but this week the New York Post reported that her character was slated to die in a car accident because of Jorja Fox’s ongoing contract dispute with the show. According to the Post, Jorja Fox’s representative told them that Fox’s “contract is up and [Fox and CBS] are in conversations.”

Reportedly Fox simply didn’t show up to shoot the scenes for the finale as a gesture of protest over her salary dispute, forcing the show to shoot an “alternate ending” for the episode. This apparently cost CBS quite a lot of money, between script re-writes, filming costs, and flying Fox’s co-star Marg Helgenberger back to Las Vegas to re-shoot the alternate scenes. Jorja Fox’s representative claims that she did show up on set to shoot her scenes, however, so it’s uncertain whether these reports are accurate.

Will Sara Sidle be back next season or not? Will the Grissom-and-Sara romance be revealed to their co-workers? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

It’s not the first time Jorja Fox has been involved in a contract dispute with CBS over the show; in fact, three years ago she and George Eads (CSI’s Nick Stokes) were actually fired after they refused to show up for work without a raise. Fox was making over $100 000 per episode of CSI, and that she was demanding a “major raise.” to which CBS and the CSI producers reportedly offered her a “moderate raise,” but she turned it down. However, they were hired back within a couple of days.

For the latest update on this story, read our latest article: Jorja Fox Speaks About Leaving CSI

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