ABC is still shying away from officially announcing the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, but recent ads like the one to the left show that they are getting closer and closer to spilling the beans.  One can only guess why they have not opened the flood gates just yet, but one reason may be derived from this spot that ABC is running announcing the unofficial ‘pilot’ for the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off tentatively titled “Private Practice.”  It could be that knowledge of the spin is an indirect spoiler to this seasons finale, which would include Addison resigning from Grey’s Anatomy‘s Seattle Grace.  Read on for more spoilerish details.

As far as the Seattle side of the two hour pilot disguised as an episode, expect to see big problems between Burke and Christina.  TVGuide’s Michael Ausiello let the scoop out in his column this week that Burke would be reconsidering his marriage proposal and will turn to somebody very interesting for advice.

As far as what ABC is saying about the general plot of the episode: Addison takes temporary leave from Seattle Grace and makes a road trip to Los Angeles in order to visit some old friends from medical school. As Meredith continues to bond with her stepmother, Susan, Cristina reluctantly plans her wedding with the assistance of her mother, Helen, and Burke’s mother, Mama Jane. Meanwhile, Derek must perform emergency surgery on Ava/Jane Doe, as Alex continues his unfailing bedside manner with her.

The friends that Addison are visiting are Naomi and Jackson, a couple she considers as having the “perfect” life.  What she doesn’t know is that the duo is divorced and cohabitating for the benefit of their daughter.  The dysfunction doesn’t stop there, though.  As Addison comes to checkout the wellness center that the two operate she comes into contact with a star studded line up of equally neurotic folk including a recently widowed alternative medicine practitioner played by Tim Daly. 

So, while ABC continues to keep a lid on the details, look for an announcement somewhere near the Grey’s Anatomy finale where the plot implications of Addison turning in her resignation will no doubt have implications across the board.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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