Previously, we reported that the record-breaking ratings of NCIS has apparently dogged CBS to develop a spin-off and take advantage of this new-found popularity.  The whole thing’s supposed to be a secret, even if filming the pilot is just around the corner in February.  According to some sources, a new lineup of NCIS will be introduced later this season and subsequently be launched with their own show set to premiere next fall.  Entertainment Weekly reports that this development has in the process derailed the long-gestating Criminal Minds spin-off, much to the latter’s fans.

When the news first exploded in late November, an insider told Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly that the NCIS spin-off was still in the early stages.  The good news for fans of the CBS procedural is that the spin-off is starting to take shape.  After all, CBS is due to shoot the pilot less than a couple of months from now.  According to reports, there is already a set of main characters for the proposed series.  Read on to get to know the new NCIS team.

Leading the pack is Callen, who was described as an average Joe in his 30s, who can easily change personas.  Clara Macy is a tough former MP in her early 40s, who has a tendency to be very maternal to the younger guys at the team.  Nate “Doc” Getz, 30, is an operational psychologist who is very witty and biting, but is really soft-hearted on the inside.  Kensi Lo is a young Asian-American on her twenties who was recruited early by the Feds because of her outstanding academic record in forensics and criminology.

Meanwhile, Sam Hanna is either an African-American or Middle Eastern ex-Navy SEAL who is in his 40s, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, and the team’s only married member.  Lastly, Dominic Vaile is a thirty-something surveillance expert who’s still reeling from his departure from the Navy.

At the very least this news has allayed fears from fans that someone from the team, like Tony (Michael Weatherly) for instance, as one fan suggested, might move to the spin-off and take a leadership role.  Then again, when NCIS was introduced as a spin-off to JAG, none of the characters there were taken off.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Entertainment Weekly
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