Even though the shows are taking a breather from their regular runs, the fans are adamant at keeping track of them.  This is the case with the series One Tree Hill, which has some of the most determined audiences who are thirsty for some information.  With its return on January 5 next year, there has been plenty of speculation regarding what’s coming. 

EW’s Michael Ausiello may not have any news on the upcoming episodes, but he does regarding the future of the series as a whole, offering up some news on the possibility of future seasons.

The ever-vigilant Ausiello replied with this: “You can pretty much count Chad Michael Murray in for a season 8 — assuming The CW wants a season 8.”  Some of the fans commented that since the sixth season is ongoing, Ausiello might mean 7 instead of 8.  But another interpretation would be that One Tree Hill is going for an eighth season, which should please many of the watchers.  However, Ausiello appeared to be hinting that the CW isn’t ready for another installment of the hit drama. A gain, everyone just has to be patient with how things turn out.

Ausiello went on by saying, “The newbie writer says he’s already pitched a story for next season.  “I want to do a Scrooge episode,” he says.  “[James Lafferty] can be Tiny Tim, and the girls would be the ghosts of rock and roll past, present, and future.”

One Tree Hill returns to the CW with new episodes starting January 5 at 9pm..

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: EW
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Maria Gonzalez

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