We’re still a month away from new episodes of Supernatural, but if you can’t wait until the new year for creepy haunted houses, magical magicians and Jensen Ackles in shorts and gym socks, you’re in luck. The CW has generously released some snippets from the first three episodes of the new year, just enough to whet your appetites. They’re more like stocking stuffers than actual Christmas presents.

“Family Remains” – January 15
Haunted houses are familiar terrain for the Winchesters, but this looks like the creepiest one yet, and it will be the first episode back, written by Jeremy Carver. The man whose previous credits include instant Supernatural classics like “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” “Mystery Spot” and “In the Beginning” promises to try out pure horror. For more on Carver and this episode, check back for our exclusive interview with this great writer in the near future.

“Criss Angel is a Douche Bag” – January 22
I will never get tired of writing that title. In this clip, we see some magicians and some apparent voodoo work. Given the topic of magic, we can probably expect a few clever tricks, plus Dean ogling the magician’s lovely female assistants.

“After School Special” – January 29
This is the episode where Dean and Sam return to their old high school and provide some key flashbacks to their youth. The funniest and best clip of the bunch was saved for last, as you can see Jensen Ackles parading around in shorts, gym socks and a headband, obviously posing as a substitute teacher. There’s a subtle gay marriage joke, and a not-so-subtle dodgeball to the groin.

While I’m looking forward to all three episodes, these clips and the storylines involved seem to indicate that Supernatural is taking a vacation from the angels. Maybe after that last battle, both sides needed to rest up, because when the angels and demons do return, it will be big.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image and video courtesy of the CW)

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