It’s no surprise that Moonlight will be returning this Friday with a new episode.  While we already dropped some spoilers for the first post-strike installment last week, cast members Alex O’Loughlin (Mick) and Jason Dohring (Josef) still have plenty to say regarding the return of the CBS vampire detective series.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.  Reading this article may ruin your enjoyment of watching what might be a bloody good episode.

As reported previously, Moonlight picks up with Mick still enjoying his temporary human state, which includes eating, awaking to sunlight, and going on date with reporter Beth (Sophia Myles). Sadly, his brief encounter with mortality becomes in jeopardy when Beth is kidnapped and Mick is forced to decide whether saving Beth is worth sacrificing being human again.

As expected, Mick makes a noble decision, which was confirmed on last Sunday’s New York Comic Con where they featured a short clip that showed Mick, who realizes that he can’t save Beth without his vampire power, demanding Josef to turn him back into a blood sucker.  While the scene in which Josef drinks from Mick’s neck may come across to fans as “scorching hot,” O’Loughlin reveals that this was not their purpose.

“It wasn’t our intention to make the scene hot,” O’Loughlin said.  “What my intention is as an actor — as is Jason’s, it’s safe to say — is to make the scene true.  In any dramatic scene you play on a show, you can’t play hotness, you can’t play humor.  You’ve just got to go for the truth of the scene. And we did, and I think it kinda worked.”

Though being turned back into a vampire may significantly put a wall between Mick and Beth’s budding relationship, executive producer Harry Werksman explains that things will look brighter for the vampire detective.

“As his vampirism returns, he’ll have a much better understanding of his powers,” Werksman said. “Where he once looked at it as a curse, by the end of the season, Mick will realize that being undead is something he can live with.”

Moonlight returns this Friday at 9pm on CBS.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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