Green Bay Packers fans are in for a treat tonight on Criminal Minds. Wide receiver Greg Jennings is slated to make his acting debut with a cameo appearance as a lab technician who will be interacting with cast member Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) in one scene.

‘Criminal Minds’ Roundup: New Guest Role and ‘A Thousand Words’ Photos

On tonight’s “A Thousand Words” the team profiles a serial killer covered in tattoos who commits suicide and leaves clues to the whereabouts of his last victim. Dean Norris of Breaking Bad will also guest star as Detective Barton.

“When you think about a lab technician, you think about the long white coat and glasses and everything, and that’s what I was thinking,” Jennings, 26, tells “But it’s more along the lines of me in the [forensics team] jumpsuit, taking the [dead] bodies out.”

“It was fun, it was fun,” adds Jennings, who got the Criminal Minds gig when he was introduced to the producer of the show by another CBS producer.

“I was going in letting them know this is not what I do. I’m on the football field. That’s me, that’s my domain. But the cast members were great, giving me feedback. They opened their arms and helped me as much as possible and tried to make me look as good as possible.”

(Image courtesy of CBS)

Glenn Diaz

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