It’s been some time since How I Met Your Mother tapped on the possibility of a Robin-Barney romance, let alone a Robin-Ted relationship. But this week’s episode unexpectedly toyed with both prospects ending on a sad note.

Which How I Met Your Mother Character Are You?

Tonight’s installment sheds light primarily on the question of whether or not you can really just be friends with your exes. In Robin case, we all know that, though it can be difficult, it’s possible–at least from what we’ve seen so far in the past five seasons of How I Met Your Mother. But things are different now that Robin is in a serious relationship with her co-worker Don, who just recently found out that Robin still hangs out with two of her exes, Barney and Ted.

Four Things to Expect in the Finale

Unexpectedly, seeing Robin seriously move on with another man sends Barney and Ted into a predicament. It turns out they both still have residual feelings for Robin have taken drastic and embarrassing measures just to tell her how they feel. Unfortunately, Robin decides to move on with her life and move in with Don.

Season 5 Spoilers

Though it’s sad to think that a reconciliation between Robin and Barney or Robin and Ted doesn’t seem to be in the cards for How I Met Your Mother‘s near future, what’s even more depressing is that Robin has taken a break from the whole gang as well. Can this really work? More importantly, are Ted and Barney really done with Robin or will they still pursue Robin in the episodes to come?

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