As Minority Report winds down, two overarching storylines still need to be resolved. First, can Vega keep the existence of Dash away from Blake and the rest of the Feds searching for a better way to solve crimes? And is Agatha right about Vega being part of the process that will put the three precogs back into the milk bath? This episode, “Honor Among Thieves,” doesn’t answer either question, but it does provide a little backstory to the precogs’ lives.

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The World Outside the Milk Bath

The episode begins with a flashback to the time when the precogs were released by the government. Once they get out of the milk baths, Agatha, Arthur and Dash receive some physical therapy and help building their strength. They’re given a lot of money and set free to fend for themselves. Then it’s present day and we see Vega and Dash arriving at a murder scene just as the paramedics arrive. Dash didn’t get enough of a warning and that failure really bugs him.

Dash Should Have Seen This Coming

Dash can’t let his failure to stop the murder go and he decides to try and solve the murder after the fact. He identifies the victim and visits his home. He speaks with a woman he believes is the victim’s wife. But she’s not and she drugs Dash. Vega misses Dash, tracks him to the apartment and finds a mess. She also finds some of Dash’s blood. So what happened?

It turns out that Dash was kidnapped by henchmen controlled by the crime boss Luca Van Zandt. Zandt tells Dash that the victim’s name was Omri Hellas and that $50 million of his money vanished when Hellas died. At first, he’s convinced Dash did it, but he finds Arthur’s business card and realizes that they’re brothers. Vega tracks down Arthur to get his help. Arthur tells her that he knows who grabbed Vega and he goes to meet with Van Zandt. He’s told that unless he comes up with the missing money, Dash will be killed.

One Day of Freedom and Arthur is Getting Lucky

Back in the “past,” Agatha has convinced Arthur and Dash that the three of them should head to the secluded island Fiddler’s Reef. But first, Arthur wants to have a drink, and he and Dash end up at a local bar. The bartender is flirting with Arthur and that causes a bar fight. Arthur and Dash escape but get a vision in which they see the bartender’s murder. Arthur wants to help, but Dash is reluctant. That’s the exact opposite of their current attitude.

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Van Zandt Gives Arthur the Finger

Arthur admits to Vega that while he wasn’t responsible for Hellas’ death, he did take advantage of having seen the murder. He arranged to have the body disappear and then liquidated his accounts. Arthur meets with Malik Aziz, a mean-spirited Van Zandt employee, who delivers a warning to Arthur along with a box containing Dash’s ring finger. At the same time, Dash is being held captive in a basement by a woman named Cleo. She’s been with Aziz since the death of her husband.

Finally Someone Uses Their Precog Skills in a Smart Way

Dash talks to Cleo and reveals that Aziz actually killed her husband. When Aziz arrives, she confronts Aziz and kills him. As she does, Dash mentions his location, hoping that Arthur will see it in his vision. He does and he tips off Vega, who sends the SWAT team in and rescues him. Dash is safe and Arthur is headed off to meet Van Zandt to finally end things.

The Big Twist

Arthur returns to Van Zandt’s and informs him that he’s returning the money. Arthur tells Van Zandt that he’s been greedy and that he knows the $50 million really belonged to his Asian partners. Van Zandt skimmed the money and Arthur tells him he returned the money to them and now they are coming for Van Zandt. So this entire scheme, including the kidnapping, was some long con by Arthur.

Another Side of Arthur

This episode of Minority Report ends by tying up some loose ends. A doctor reattaches Dash’s finger and Blake says goodbye to the Federal overseer who has investigated the Hawkeye program. The final scene is a flashback, showing the milk bath trio headed to their new island home. Arthur sheds a tear over the murdered bartender, which I suppose is designed to show why Arthur is now so jaded and uncaring of others.

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