The Bones fairies have been taunting fans with the concept of a crossover between Bones and Sleepy Hollow since well before BuddyTV talked with Emily Deschanel and Executive Producer Michael Peterson about what we can look forward to in season 11. Boneheads have been scratching their heads in fear of this tightrope act going sideways. If that happens, we wonder, how will we ever trust them again?

How, indeed? It is too much to ask for these two universes — one focused on evidence-based crime solving, the other centered around the unlikely pairing of a modern day police lieutenant and a resurrected 250-year-old Washington emissary who together fight supernatural demons — to solve both a Bonesian homicide and save the city from zombies? Well, it is a mighty tall order, my friends. Who else but Bones (and Sleepy Hollow) could pull it off?

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Continuity and Getting By with a Little Help from Some Friends 

The key to the success of this marriage of universes lies in the continuity of mythology (and characterization) throughout each half of the crossover event, combined with several elements that would not have been possible without the participation of the visiting characters. Surprisingly, it really works (but we’re still going to tease you about it). Here are five things every Bones fan can count on in “The Resurrection in the Remains.”

#1 A Bonesian Homicide Investigation Is Conducted

Just like always, Brennan, Booth and the Avengers work together to investigate a homicide using science and evidence as their guides. 

This time, however, the case comes to the attention of a team from Sleepy Hollow who are inexplicably interested in the artifacts found at the crime scene. Coincidentally, the curiosities of both teams are intertwined for more than just the obvious reasons.

Cryptic Tease: Inside the title of this event is a creepy clue about the Bones homicide.

#2 Hodgins Is King of the Lab, Angela is a Technical Wizard, and Brennan Solves the Case

Just like always, the lab is a happenin’ place with big words, amazing technology, and idle speculation about people’s private (read: sex) lives. 

This time, however, Crane and Hodgins might have to share the crown as they illuminate each other with their brilliance.

Cryptic Tease: Someone is worried about poor Michael Vincent’s psychological well being with good reason.

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#3 Brennan Solves the Case and There’s Rivalry in the Lab

Just like always, a last minute find by Brennan reveals proof of the murderer’s identity. Brennan is ruthless in her pursuit of the truth. However, if it’s not germane to the case, it’s irrelevant. As a result, not all things need explaining. 

This time, however, she couldn’t have done it so expeditiously without the Crane’s intimate knowledge of the victim’s vanity and toilet.

Cryptic Tease: After tonight you may think twice before using a toilet … or a coffee cup.

#4 Booth and Aubrey Interrogate Suspects

Just like always, a motley crew of potential killers is run through the ringer by our favorite FBI Special Agents at the Hoover. Several of them look really guilty, but prove harmless. 

This time, however, Lieutenant Abbie Mills accompanies Booth into the field and the interrogation room and it proves fruitful throughout.

Cryptic Tease: Abbie is better at crossword puzzles, but Booth isn’t that patient.

#5 Brennan and Booth Go Out in the Field Together

Just like always, Brennan and Booth go on field trips to interesting locales. Brennan is fascinated, curious, and demanding, while Booth is the diplomat.

This time, however, they encounter a particular element of fun that would not have been possible if not for Sleepy Hollow.

Cryptic Tease: Sleepy Hollow gives Brennan and Booth an ‘Indy’ experience. 

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End Result: Your Bones Universe Is Safe

Rest assured, Bones fans, that though the dance is as delicate as gossamer wings, no harm comes to Brennan, Booth, or the Avengers. Not to their belief systems, not to their universe, not to their characterizations. 

Cryptic Tease: Booth and Brennan prank each other, but you will most enjoy the physical comedy if your sense of humor is the same age as that of a trick-or-treater.

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Bones season 11 airs Thursday’s at 8pm on FOX. 

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