“Beyond Redemption” might as well be considered a Quentin Lance-centric episode. Now if you’re like me, that concept fills you with more fear and trepidation than any Arrow villain could or would. Luckily, “Beyond Redemption” is actually pretty solid and fixes a lot of problems with Lance in Season 4. He still delivers almost all his lines in angry duck face expression, exposing his teeth like a wild dog but Arrow brought Lance back into the fold of Team Green Arrow. I’d rather Lance’s anger be direct at other people not our main heroes. Also, the newly alive Sara was tied up to a wall with chains, so that’s a thing that happened. 

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New Beginnings 

Oliver gathers everyone in Sebastian Blood’s old office to tell some exciting news. To Thea’s (and 95% of the viewing audience) disappointment, it is not an engagement to Felicity. Oliver tells them that he is running for mayor and the news goes over like a barely heard, but definitely smelled, fart. Everyone is confused, slightly disgusted and all pretending not to be embarrassed. They don’t think Oliver has a chance. 

Luckily, there’s a second announcement and it is received much better. Felicity and Oliver have been in a new cave underneath the office. It is very, very green but oddly awesome. It’s a big step-up from the glorified parking garage they were working in before. It’s from here that the team gets their new mission, with Lance’s assistance. Someone is killing detectives and the problem is that the killers are cops. 

Failed Attempts

Laurel takes Lance to reveal her secret of Sara’s resurrection. The week in between episodes has not been kind to Sara. She is still as animalistic and savage as ever. There appears to be a glimmer of hope though when Sara speaks for the first time and asks Laurel about herself. But then, Sara proceeds to try to kill Laurel, so probably not that much progress. 

Team Green Arrow and Lance spring a trap to find and apprehend the dirty cops. The trap works and the bad guys come, but they are way too skilled for standard cops. These people are special-funding, almost like they too have a former IT girl turned CEO running the payroll. Lance tells the team that the cops are using special vigilante gear he designed. 

This is the time that Felicity usually does her “Felicity thing” and types furiously on a keyboard to get all the answers. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a technological glitch going that has something to do with Ray and his “death.” Curtis thinks that he might have a way to solve it but Felicity doesn’t want to open that door.

Lance Exposed 

Lance goes to talk to Damien about Sara. Damien tells him that Sara is not back. Sara’s body may be around but it doesn’t have Sara’s soul. The kindest thing Lance could do is kill Sara. Lance’s first mistake here is listening to Damien. Lance’s second mistake is having this meeting out in the open. Felicity gas got her computer up and running and hacked into the security camera system of the city looking for their dirty cops. Oliver and Felicity spot Lance and Damien having their conversation. 

Oliver goes to confront Lance in the most glorious satisfying scene ever. He yells at Lance for being so damn self-righteous all the time when he was working with the enemy. So naturally, Lance deflects and tries to blame this on protecting his daughters because that is his other go-to move. If blaming Oliver for being irresponsible doesn’t work, everything is justified by bringing his daughters up. Oliver tells him to stop and gives Lance “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” look. Oliver is so shaken by the whole betrayal that he decides that maybe he shouldn’t run for mayor. 

Lance, because he is in such a good place right now, decides now is the time to euthanize Sara. He goes to where Laurel is keeping Sara and gets ready to shoot his daughter but then he breaks down crying. (Side note: he has a terribly ugly crying face.) He leaves and is captured by the gang of crooked cops. 

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Flashback Break

Now it’s that time that literally no one is waiting for: the flashback wrap-up. The flashbacks are better but still the worst part of Arrow. Oliver comes back to the military camp and tells the people in charge that he killed the female prisoner. The head of the camp doesn’t believe Oliver because Oliver is a terrible liar. He tells Oliver to take him to her body. Somehow Oliver tricks the head of the camp into thinking the prisoner is dead through some kind of magic island trick or whatever. Unfortunately, the head guard finds the body of the other guard Oliver got killed and he knows Oliver is lying to him.

Double Agent Lance and Mayor Queen 

The gang uses Lance’s security clearance to get into police lock up. Now that Team Green Arrow knows what they are facing they make quick work of the police. Oliver frees Lance but while Oliver’s back is turned he is attacked by the head lady cop. She is ready to kill Oliver to escape but Lance gives some big passionate speech. (I was too distracted by his ginormous teeth to understand everything but the basic gist was that maybe there is hope for them all no matter how far they’ve fallen. If they face justice for their crimes.) It’s a double meaning, you see, he’s talking about himself as well as angry lady cop.  

Oliver goes to Lance’s home and tells Lance. Oliver wants Lance to keep working for Darhk but as a double agent. Lance agrees but this is so totally going to kill Lance eventually. That’s my personal theory anyway. Thea convinces Oliver to run for mayor. Oliver holds a press conference declaring his intention to run and it’s all very rousing. 

Though things don’t end too happily, Laurel goes down to where she is keeping Sara to feed her. Sara has broken her chains and gone free. This opens the door for next week as Arrow is bringing on Matt Ryan as John Constantine to help them with their huge Sara problem. 

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