Limitless began the season as a loose extension of the movie of the same name, including an appearance by the film’s star, Bradley Cooper. Cooper’s Edward Morra is now a senator and also someone who has some control over a shot that prevents the drug’s bad side effects. He makes a guest appearance in this episode, “Side Effects May Include…” And yes, that’s likely to make things difficult for Brian.

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That Darn Naz

This episode of Limitless begins where the last one ended, at Rebecca’s apartment. Brian has brought her an FBI file about her father, which also talks about his use of NZT. Naz had the file and that fact worries Rebecca. She and Brian decide to try and investigate what they’ve found in the file secretly. But that plan goes awry when Rebecca is volunteered the next day for a special terrorism task force where she’ll work next to Naz and a number of FBI big shots. They’re running a terror attack simulation and Rebecca is working on a team tasked with destroying the US.

More Questions About Rebecca’s Father

Brian finds the name of an expensive rehab facility in the file and infiltrates it to find out more. He discovers that Rebecca’s father, Clayton, and three other people at rehab made a weekly visit to a small pharmaceutical company after they were released. Brian tells Rebecca he suspects that might be where NZT was invented. But he doesn’t tell her that he’s having a reaction to the NZT. She doesn’t know about the immunity shot he got from Edward Morra. Brian knows the shot is wearing off and his symptoms are getting worse.

Not Surprisingly, An Evil Man Has Evil Plans

Brian’s symptoms are getting worse and he visits Sands asking for another immunity shot. Sands tells him that he can’t get another one unless he frames Rebecca and gets her fired from the FBI. Sands claims that Senator Morris is worried Rebecca will discover the truth about NZT and her father. Brian refuses and Sands tells him he won’t be able to survive the ever-worsening side effects.

Rebecca is impressing Naz and her FBI co-workers with her cleverly evil plans to win the training exercise. At the same time, Brian is getting worse as he confronts executives at Ubient Pharmaceuticals, where he discovers the man who was giving the four rehab patients NZT. The executives deny any knowledge of the drug and tell Brian that the scientist is dead anyway. Brian is spiraling out of control and he calls Rebecca in a panic. An Ubient executive later tells Brian that the scientist is alive and secretly living in Connecticut.

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This Can’t Be Good for Rebecca’s Career

Rebecca impressed everyone during the exercise and now the FBI director wants to meet her. But when she gets the frantic call from Brian, she cancels her meeting and travels instead to Connecticut to meet the scientist now known as Andrew Epperly. Epperly instantly recognizes her resemblance to her father. He admits that he gave her father and the other patients NZT. But he claims he was sent the formula to the drug anonymously. He also tells her that at some point, someone started killing anyone who knew anything about NZT. Realizing the danger, he decided to disappear.

Enter Bradley Cooper

At the same time, Brian is losing touch with reality. He’s having hallucinations, and just when he seems close to death, he comes out of the haze to find Senator Edward Morra standing over him. Morra has given him the immunity shot and he tells Brian that the request to frame Rebecca was a test. He wants a partner to help him pursue his goals and not a follower like Sands. He gives Brian five NZT pills for “a rainy day” and tells Brian they will be working together in the future.

The Big Twist

The next day, Naz confronts Rebecca over her cancellation of the meeting with the director. She tells Rebecca that she couldn’t figure out why she had made that decision. And she realized that the only explanation is Rebecca has somehow found out about the file on her father. Naz tells Rebecca there is still much to learn about her father and the only way she can do that is by working her way up the FBI ladder. Rebecca reluctantly agrees but declines to tell Naz who gave her the copy of her father’s file. The episode ends at the secluded home of Andrew Epperly, where Sands sits outside in a truck. Sands watches the home explode, so perhaps this means that Morra might have also been responsible for the other deaths, including Rebecca’s father? Cue the “next week on Limitless” promo.

Limitless airs Tuesdays at 10pm on CBS.

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