What’s it like being a precog in the post-Precrime world of FOX’s Minority Report? That’s where the character of Dash comes in, as he partners up with Detective Vega. BuddyTV was at San Diego Comic-Con to get the scoop on these characters from Stark Sands and Meagan Good.

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Watch the video interview with Stark Sands and Meagan Good:

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Here are a few highlights:

  • Dash “was thought of as the weakest [precog] of the group,” according to Sands. While Agatha can see everything, Dash is the twin that “only gets the feelings and the emotions and the little glimpses,” with his twin, Arthur, the one who sees the names, faces and the facts.
  • Vega’s father was also a detective and murdered when she was very young.
  • Like Dash, Vega wants to change the world, but she’s stuck in a place where she can no longer make a difference the way she wanted to since Precrime is no more.
  • Since, as in the movie, a precog’s visions may not always be right, they have to also determine if a murder is actually going to happen.
  • According to Good, you’ll fall in love with Sands’ Dash because “he has this sweet, little boy innocence to him and he hasn’t really seen the world yet. …He’s really witnessing the world for the very first time.”
  • Sands said you’ll fall in love with Good’s Vega “because even though she has a hard exterior and shows this really tough side and is really quick with a zinger and throws shade at Wilmer [Valderrama] every once in a while, she really is soft on the inside. She wants the world to be a better place. It’s a wonderful, complicated character and Meagan really nails it.”

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Minority Report premieres Monday, September 21 at 9pm on FOX.

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