We’re getting closer and closer to the Scream finale. So here’s the big theory for the night: Mr. Branson is Maggie’s other child and the killer. Who do you think the killer is? My latest guess? Piper. Let’s find out.

Tonight’s episode of Scream is titled “The Dance,” and since this whole thing started because Brandon James approached Daisy at the school dance, we know something huge is going to happen. Plus, school dances never end well in these types of shows.

Who Stole the Ghostface Mask?

Scream’s “The Dance” starts with a flashback from a year ago. When a security guy is not paying attention, someone sneaks in to get some records and evidence on the Brandon James murders and even steals the Ghostface mask.

And, of course, it’s Halloween. How could it not be? Piper gives a podcast to fill us all in on how the mask disappeared a year ago and how the sheriff should probably look into that.

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Is Mr. Branson Maggie’s Son?

The sheriff questions Mr. Branson and brings up the knife they found in his classroom, the spying he was doing, Brooke, and the murdered girl he’d had an affair with. He’s not giving any answers though.

Brooke’s in shock over Mr. Branson’s arrest though and is having trouble buying it. Emma thinks he’s the one and she’s upset that Brooke never told her about him. Meanwhile, Maggie orders a DNA test on the teacher. It’ll take a while, so Emma says she needs to go see Mr. Branson. And they have an epic stare down.

Mr. Branson denies killing Will and says he can’t talk about his past. Emma asks Mr. Branson about her mother and he says, “She’s nice. You look a lot like her.” Emma says, “You said this ends with me. So is this over?” Mr. Branson denies knowing what she’s even talking about, but since he’s under arrest, “I guess you’ll find out soon enough.” Killer or not, this guy’s creepy.

Emma goes and fills Noah and Audrey in on the ultrasound and Mr. Branson. Audrey points out that he has no connection with Rachel, but Noah’s totally into the theory. Branson’s new name even fits!

Piper shows up just as Noah and Audrey leave to investigate and tells Emma that she was trying to get an interview with Brandon James’ mom, and she was totally incoherent, but Piper got Emma’s attention now.

Piper brings Emma to Brandon James’ mom. She talks about how Brandon James begged her to get a job at the bowling alley and confuses Emma with Maggie. She tells Emma, “You got him killed. Brandon would have done anything for Maggie.” Then she starts singing the “Daisy” song. She says that both Brandon and his son loved that song. It turns out Brandon’s son was there just the other day. Emma asks if his name was Seth. She says yes and he wanted to know all about Brandon.

Will Brooke and Jake Ever Get Together?

With everything falling apart, Brooke has to stay with Jake. Jake has to ask Brooke why she went back to Mr. Branson. She felt like she had no one else, but she had Jake all along. Brooke’s about to take a shower when she notices her webcam turned on, which is horrible. Brooke accuses Jake of turning her webcam on and then goes on to say that she doesn’t believe Mr. Branson’s guilty. They get in a fight and Brooke leaves.

The Killer’s Next Target

Unfortunately, the sheriff has tracked the phone calls and they were made far away from Mr. Branson’s house. So he goes to investigate some more. He searches through some house and hears a noise. He goes to the computer and sees footage on it. He hears another noise and draws his gun, but the killer is behind him and knocks him out. It’s terrifying.

Noah and Audrey’s Investigation

Noah and Audrey investigate and Audrey finds out that Rachel’s footage, like Nina’s, has been deleted. Rachel may have found something on Mr. Branson and he killed her to tie up loose ends. Luckily, she backed everything up.

They start watching the footage and see Nina and Kiernan together! “What the hell?” Audrey says. My thoughts exactly.

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The Dance

Following Mr. Branson’s arrest, the sheriff had been so certain that he had the killer that they decided to still have the dance on Halloween night. Piper, like the rest of us, thinks that’s a horrible, horrible idea, but he, of course, doesn’t listen.

Piper drops Emma off after their visit with Brandon James’ mom while Kiernan creepily watches from his truck. He comes over to check if she’s okay, and she says she is. She says she wants to make up for last time, so they kiss and Kiernan asks her to the dance. Then they and their parents have a double date.

Brooke is throwing her own party, because she’s done being a victim. She does seem like she’s losing it though. She tells Emma about the party, but Emma is going to the dance first.

Finally, it’s time for the big dance. Jake creepily watches footage for Brooke wondering where she is, but Emma tells him about the after-party. The sheriff and Kiernan are also missing from the dance.

Meanwhile, Audrey and Noah debate whether Kiernan or Mr. Branson is the killer and if they should tell Emma. That’s when Kiernan shows up. Noah is not concerned though. “He’s not gonna kill her during the dance sequence,” he says. Maggie tells Kiernan that his dad’s not picking up the phone, so he offers to call. When he leaves, Audrey goes to talk to Emma and shows her the footage.

Emma refuses to listen to reason. She’s convinced that Mr. Branson is the killer. Audrey says she can’t trust Kiernan, but Emma trusted Audrey when she was a suspect and they’ve all been caught on tape doing bad stuff.

Emma does question Kiernan about the video, though. He says he just met Nina right before started school. He had gotten into a fight so he went to the bar and met Nina. She was drunk, so he drove her home, but he didn’t go in. And then she was murdered. Emma doesn’t buy it. 

Kiernan says that Mr. Branson won if Emma can’t trust him and leaves. Then Emma and Audrey get into a huge fight. Jake, meanwhile, decides to bring another girl to Brooke’s party.

Piper shows up at the dance and says she went back to Brandon James’ mom’s house. Piper showed her a picture of Mr. Branson and she didn’t recognize him. Who did she recognize? Kiernan. And that’s when the lights go out and we see the sheriff tied up and bloody on the screen. Kiernan’s just left and we find out that Mr. Branson has escaped from jail.

Scream airs Tuesday nights at 10 pm on MTV.

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