She may have risen to the spotlight as a model, but CariDee English has set her heart on being a musician.  The America’s Next Top Model Cycle 7 winner has already landed herself a gig hosting the reality series Pretty Wicked on Oxygen, which gives personality makeovers to “bad girls.”  Still, it looks as though CariDee is going to undergo some changes herself, career-wise.

In an interview with, the striking blonde revealed how she’s currently busy with her show and getting ready to record her album this November.  What’s actually a bit more surprising is that CariDee English might just be headed for the alternative rock genre.

“I’m recording in November with the band Better Than Ezra,” the America’s Next Top Model winner said.  “We’ve been talking about it for two years, but I’m actually recording – this is set in stone – November 9-14.  I sing, I play guitar, drums…I’m really fully emerging into music.  Going full into that.”

She also said that she already recorded a single with Brad Walsh, a photographer, and producer who’s also known as Christian Siriano’s boyfriend.  CariDee has modeled for that Project Runway designer and admits that they’re very close.

“[Brad’s] album comes out October 20th, and I have a single with him that comes out then called ‘Boy Girl,'” she revealed.  “And both of them together is such a powerhouse.  They took me under their wing, and they’ve been a great support.”

They’ve certainly pushed CariDee towards a direction she’s very likely to pursue.  “We’re just starting recording with 4 or 5 days in the studio…all day long, recording, in the beginning, and we’ll see what comes from there,” she explained about her deal with the band Better Than Ezra.

Though she isn’t exactly giving up modeling entirely, it’d really be exciting to see how this all works out.  “I wouldn’t want to give any promises,” she said, “but definitely that’s a vision that we’re both interested in.”

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Zimbio
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Maria Gonzalez

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