As auditions for season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance get further under way the dancers with Top 20 potential are becoming more and more clear. Think of this post as a living document. One that will change with each audition city and who we think has the star potential to walk that long Las Vegas mile straight through to the Top 20.

As of Las Vegas Week, here are our predictions for the Top 20:

Bianca Revels (Tapper, Los Angeles Audition)
Molle Gray (High School Musical, Los Angeles Audition)
Paula Van Oppen (Contemporary, Los Angeles Audition)
Amber Williams (Contemporary, Los Angeles Audition)
Channing Cook (Contemporary, Boston Audition)
Ellenore Scott (Contemporary, Las Vegas)
Amber Jackson (Contemporary, Atlanta Audition)
Kimalee Piedad (Theater Arts, New Orleans Audition)
Iveta Lukosite (Latin Ballroom, Salt Lake City Audition)
Hayley Cloud (Contemporary, Salt Lake City Audition)
Leigh Assay (Latin Ballroom, Salt Lake City Audition)
Allison Becker (Contemporary, Phoenix Audition) 


Phillip Attmore (Tapper, Los Angeles Audition)
David Hovhannisyan (Ballet, Los Angeles Audition)
Jonathan ‘Legacy’ Perez (B-Boy, Phoenix )
Russel Ferguson (Krumper, Boston Audition)
Gene Bersten (Latin/Ballroom, Boston Audition)
Nathan Trasoras (Hip Hop/Contemporary, Las Vegas Week)
Thomas Hamilton (Contemporary, Atlanta Audition)
Billy Bell (Contemporary, Atlanta Audition)
Victor Smalley (Contemporary, Atlanta Audition)
Jakob Karr (Contemporary, New Orleans Audition)
Ryan De Lilo (Latin Ballroom, Salt Lake City Audition)

Here’s a link to Top 20 Spoilers

Who do you think will make the Top 20 for season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance?

–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Abbey Simmons

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV