As the fallout from ABC’s shocking The Bachelor finale continues, Melissa Rycroft, Jason Mesnick’s fiancée whom he dumped on national TV, appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show this morning and confirmed that the personal communication between the two reality stars circulating online is, in fact, real.

“So these emails that are circulating around all over the place, are these real emails?” Degeneres asked Rycroft.

“Unfortunately,” Rycroft said.

Read on for the full transcript of the emails.

“That was right after we filmed that ‘After the Final Rose’,” the 24-year-old Texas native continued. “I instigated it, and I go back and go, I wish I hadn’t. I felt like I needed to apologize for getting that angry with him, but at the same time, I said: I hope you know why I got that mad.”

In the first of several e-mails, Melissa expresses her frustration to Jason following the taping of the “After the Rose” special (taped in mid-January), on which Jason appears to surprise Melissa by breaking off his engagement with her. Rycroft revealed that she knew the relationship was over, but what she did not know was that Mesnick was opting for a second chance at love with the previously dumped bachelorette Molly Malaney.

“This was my way of saying: This is my closure,” Rycroft told Degeneres. “I was mad, I’m sorry, but this is it. Don’t reply back.”

Mesnick did reply, expressing remorse but also claiming that his actions were “part of the deal” in his contract with ABC. Executive producer Mike Fleiss later came forward and insisted that while Mesnick may have “felt an obligation to the show […] there’s no contractual obligation there. None.”

When asked if Jason had ever told the producer that he did not want to dump Melissa on camera, Fleiss said, “I never heard that.”

Below is the full email transcript of the email correspondence between Mesnick and Rycroft:

Sent Monday, January 19, 2009 From Melissa to Jason:

So last night didn’t go NEAR how I thought. I didn’t think I would be that angry (I’m not sure I’ve EVER been that angry to be honest with you….), but I’m sorry for how heated I got. At the same time though, I’m not. I still can’t believe how you can’t give reasons other than ‘It changed.’

In relationships (especially ones where commitments are involved), you FIGHT, you TRY, you COMMUNICATE to make things work. You know as well as I do that you didn’t give 100% to me or the relationship. And I don’t understand how you can walk away from something without giving it your all – but I am walking away knowing I did.

And getting confirmation about Molly in front of people like that was a complete classless move if you ask me – how could you do that to me after I repeatedly asked you about it??? I’m not stupid, I knew about Molly…knew you guys had been talking….and you lied to me about it. For you to choose to b e with someone who most of the girls in the house didn’t get a long with, and bashed me when she left, then more power to you both. You owed it to me to  tell me this before last night…and I can’t believe you did that to me publicly. I can’t even tell you how much respect I lost for you….but it makes this whole process from here on out much easier for me.

Please don’t respond…I really just wanted to apologize for getting so angry last night – but I hope you understand why I did….

Sent Monday, January 19 2009 From Jason to Melissa:

The producers had a lot to do with it. I am so sorry. This is so horrible

Sent Monday, January 19, 2009 From Melissa to Jason:

(This coming from the man who told me not to trust producers…..) Then congratulations on being produced….but I don’t believe you. You are a  grown man, and perfectly capable of making your own decisions. Own your actions and stop blaming this process..

Sent Monday, January 19, 2009 From Jason to Melissa:

I wish we could have had that same conversation away from cameras. You are so right about feeling everything you do. I deserved everything you said. They really didn’t want me to say anything to you until the cameras were there and you know that I couldn’t do that. I tried and I hate what I  have done to you. You don’t deserve any of it at all. I wish there were more that I could say. Its just things really felt different and I didn’t want to be thinking about her and wish I could control it. I want to take all of your pain away and put it on me. If you are talking about Karma, I slipped and fell and had a huge gash in my leg 3 inches wide and to the bone. I deserve so much worse for what I am doing to you.  Obviously you know more about me now and you just deserve so much more. I hate that I had to say that to you, and you had to hear that.  You do need to heal and if that means never talking to me again or if that means, you getting angry with  meas  often as you want, I will do it all. You do not need to give me any reasons for your actions; I think you did what you had to do.


Sent Wednesday, January 21, 2009 From Melissa to Jason:

 I do hope you understand my frustrations then. The fact that even after ‘production’ was wrapped, you still let producers manipulate our ‘relationship’ is frustrating. At what point do you say, “Hey,  guys…you did your  part, and now it’s our turn to have a real relationship without you meddling and telling us what to say and do?”  When I look at it that way, I’m thankful I found this out now. And I’ll just say, the Molly thing wasn’t a secret….just wish you’d had the decency to tell me before I was put in front of TV cameras – regardless of what Martin was telling you, as a person, a friend, etc…you owed me that. Especially since you were the one who kept saying you didn’t want any surprises at this thing……ironic, eh? Seeing the person that you became, you are right: a relationship between you and I would never work out – and that’s why I’m thankful this happened sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, you were not the person that I thought you were – and that’s ok….just a little embarrassed I fell for it I guess. I do think it’s a little ironic, though that you kept telling me, “morally, how could I ever get back with DeAnna after what she did to me?” And I agree….just seems like a very similar situation with your new lady…..Just a little irony I guess.

 Anyway, I’m not mad…I’m not hurt – seeing how things were  handled,helped me get over things very quickly. I do wish you both the best though.

 Take care.

Sent [Unknown Date] From Jason to Melissa:

I understand everything and I wish more than anything I didn’t let them get in the way. I handled that part so poorly. It sounds like you are doing well and am so glad. Just know that I feel so horribly about this. It is a pain I will live with forever. I will not make any excuses you are a wonderful person and I am sorry for everything. I do want you to know that when I proposed to you it was from the heart and wanted to be with you forever.


-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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