You’ve probably already heard a lot of things about Bones‘ 100th episode, particularly the highly anticipated trip down memory lane in which we get to see Booth and Brennan’s first tag-team assignment, or better yet how they first met.  That milestone episode is currently in the writers’ office but more details have already surfaced about the flashback, thanks to TV Guide Magazine‘s William Keck.
Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

According to Bones creator Hart Hanson, the 100th installment, which is set to air this spring, stems from Sweet’s (John Francis Daley) book, which is about to come out. Hanson says, “Booth and Brennan have read it, and they tell him, ‘There’s only one problem with what you say. You’re operating under a huge misapprehension and we have to tell you about our first case together.'”

The show will then rewind to six years earlier, which is about a year before the show began in 2005. At this time, we learn that Booth is stuck with one particular case he can’t resolve so he tracks down Brennan for help. And not surprisingly, Booth and Brennan don’t hit it off from their first meeting. “They didn’t like each other very much,” says Hanson.

“I’m excited to find out what made Booth and Brennan hate each other,” adds Emily Deschanel (Brennan). “It had to be something big.”

But that’s not the only thing to look forward to in Bones‘ 100th episode. Fans can also expect to see Eric Milligan as Zack Addy. Tamara Taylor, on the other hand, will find her character Cam in her pre-Jeffersonian Institute job as a New York coroner.

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Kris De Leon

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