Another week, another mystery box challenge. So far, the box contents have been almost exclusively strange. This week, however, the contestants are relieved to discover grocery store T-bone steaks and fresh produce.

Frank is the first chef selected for showcase, delivering, in Gordon’s words, “a bloody good dish.” This is his first departure from traditional Italian cuisine, and it pays off in a big way. Tanya is next, placing in the top three for the first time in the competition. Becky is the only contestant to reject the T-bone, presenting a desert of caramelized peaches instead. Her gamble pays off as well, as she rounds out the top three.

Tanya wins the mystery box challenge, and is allowed to pick which contestants cook which of the three dishes served this week. The theme this time is the judges’ favorite deserts: tiramisu for Joe, strawberry shortcake for Graham, and British trifle for Gordon. The twelve participants are divided by desert, with the lowest score on each dish comprising the bottom three.

Felix is the first to present, offering up a droopy tiramisu to a devastating reception. Anna and Frank are subsequently passed with flying colors, while David Martinez’s botched attempt is judged almost as unfavorably as Felix’s.

Josh kicks off the trifle with a middling entry; it’s quickly overshadowed by Monti and Stacey’s more assured submissions. Becky crafts the weakest entry, presenting a visually solid but dissonantly flavored desert.

Cowboy Mike leads the strawberry shortcake competition, offering a bad beginning in the simplest category. Christine takes a chance on something a little different, highlighting raspberry flavor rather than classic strawberry–Gordon isn’t happy with the choice. Tali gives an uncharacteristically perfect shortcake performance, while Scott’s submission is considered a failure.

Stacey’s trifle is declared best of the round, while Felix, Scott and Becky are banished to the bottom three. After hyping up Felix as this week’s weakest, Gordon surprises the perennially amiable Scott with elimination.

Though he was always a friendly face on the show, Scott definitely had trouble establishing himself as a serious contender. With only twelve contestants left, more and more friendly faces are sure to follow.

Ted Kindig
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Ted Kindig

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