So it’s eviction night on Big Brother 8, and either Dustin or Dick is going home.  It’s been a rough week with Dick cutting a swath of terror through the house, at first trying to get himself evicted over his daughter.  Now that Daniele is safe, is it too late for Dick to save himself?  Or will America save him?

He’s certainly controversial, and some people would love nothing more than to see Dick gone, while others feel it would be the end of the show.  Let’s see how it all unfolds, live, in Chen-Vision!  So odds are, something will go wrong.

Since it’s Thursday, we’re treated to: five minutes of “previously on” footage retelling the saga of the last week or two.  Then Julie Chen explains what we just saw.  Then it’s a blue-tinted recap of the PoV ceremony.  We get to see Jessica acting like a total moron, believing Jen that Dustin and Dick are in an alliance, and that Eric’s silent treatment means he has an alliance with Dick as well.

Finally, we get around to some new stuff.  Jen doesn’t care who leaves.  Dustin gets all too confident about cutting off both of Daniele’s support legs: Nick and Dick.  It’s an all-too perfect set-up for him to go home.

Eric tries to explain to Jessica his silent treatment.  He blames his sickness, and she buys it.  I don’tknow what makes her dumber: thinking Eric is in an alliance with Dick, or believing this “I was so sick I couldn’t talk” excuse.

Zach and Jessica go on a date in the backyard.  Zach sadly starts trying to play the game, suggesting he and Jessica team up to fly under the radar together.  Zach gives her his word he’ll vote out Dick, and based on his allegiance to the Mrs. Robinson Alliance, I believe him.,

America orders Eric to evict Dustin.  Of course.  He says he was expecting it, but with a coy smile that secretly says, “OK, America, I get it, you hate me.  Fine, I’ll fight back with kindness.”

Eric talks to Jessica in the HoH bedroom, and she points out her boobs.  Then she says Eric is hot.  He continues to press forward on trying to get Dustin evicted.  It’s hilarious to see him pass up such obvious openings to mack on her.

Dick says Eric is logical and a game player.  Holy crap, how can you Dick fans keep up with him?  He flip-flops more than John Kerry: first he hates Jen and Eric, then he loves them.

Eric seems to coax Jessica into booting Dustin.  Seems like classic BB misdirection to me.  I now say Dustin is staying.  Up next: Joe!  Let’s see if he has any more STDs to tell the world about since being evicted in week two.

Julie checks in with the HGs.  She already slips up, saying at first that Dick used the veto to save himself, instead of his daughter.  Chen tries to build up the whole father-daughter relationship, but Daniele’s refusal to say she would save her father if she had it.

Amber cries when saying how much she loves her daughter.  Come on Julie, making Amber cry is like you messing up an HoH competition – easy as pie.

Joe is on, and bitching about how Dustin has become so selfish, just like in their relationship.  Joe hasn’t changed a bit, he’s just as catty as ever.  We see Dick mocking how being HoH went to Dustin’s head, which is so freaking hypocritical it’s not even funny.

In the diary room confessions, it runs how you’d expect: Daniele wants to save her dad, Amber and Jameka promise to get Dick out.  Eric is trying his best, vowing to go after Dustin in a big way.  It’ll be interesting to see whether Eric’s change of alliance makes America go along with him, or if they’ll turn a 180 and get him to boot Dick next week just to mess with him.  You know you’re thinking it too.

Julie talks with Jessica.  Jessica trusts Eric and Jameka the most, and she has no reason to doubt them.  Jessica plays it coy when Julie asks her about dating Eric.

Nominee speeches.  Dustin is pretty good about it.  Dick doesn’t care at all, and his only regret is that Carol isn’t still around to give him a big kiss.  Funny.  And he’s all too sure he’s going home.

Amber, holding her cross – Evict Dick
Eric, pretending America made a great choice – Evict Dustin
Jameka, straightforward – Evict Dick
Daniele, obeying the fifth Commandment – Evict Dustin

You know, the voting is happening really early.  It sure looks like those double eviction week rumors might be true.

Zach, breaking his word – Evict Dustin
Jen – Evict Dustin!

Wow, Dustin looks shocked, as do I.  The room is silent.  In the house, Amber does a jib.  No, not really, she’s just crying.

Chatting with Julie, Dustin is flabbergasted.  He kind of regrets putting himself up as a pawn.  Only kind of? 

In taped messages, Dick naturally thinks he’s solely responsible for his amazing upset.  Sorry dude, you had nothing to do with it, it’s all America.  Because Dustin is on the jury, Eric fakes that he stayed true to Dustin in the goodbye message to avoid suspicion.  Amber cries.

HoH competition, and as those who watched the live feeds or read the updates could’ve guessed, it’s a bunch of questions about the little person, stilt pirate, barbershop quartet, PoV bunnies and moving statues.  No, this is not David Lynch’s Big Brother.  We get to see footage of it all, and it’s insane.  The little person talks in mysterious phrases.  It’s hilariously nonsensical, and you gotta love the way Big Brother can mess with the HGs.  No one knows what it all means.

The competition is of course about answering true or false questions about what happened.  Jen gets it wrong, but claims she put false and got it right.  Dick and Zack are busted with the next question.  Eric is eliminated.  And Daniele wins.  Ugh, this again.

Jen is still protesting about how her machine was faulty, and it’s kind of cool.

Dang, no double eviction.  America has to vote, and this should be fun.  Amber or Jameka?  At this point, I;d love to see them vote for Dick, just as proof that America has nothing but contempt for America’s Player.

Julie asks Amber about Dustin, and she cries again!  Way to go, Julie.  Are Jameka and Amber doomed?  Or will Dick betray Eric, who, by house logic, Dick should rightfully owe his staying to.

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