So it is official, Logan Huntzberger is the best boyfriend on television.  If you had a chance to catch Gilmore Girls this evening, you’ll understand what I am talking about. It was a quaint way to tell their love story – hay maze and all!  The episode was almost entirely Logan and Rory focused, which was a welcome surprise after such a long Gilmore hiatus.  Despite my previous debate as to whether Logan and Rory should stay together, I believe that this episode sealed the deal for me; Logan is the perfect match for Rory!

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There are a number of reasons that this episode allowed Logan to prove himself.  The number one reason, for me at least, was his choice to support Rory in whatever her decision would be regarding her new job opportunity.  It was his decision to factor her into his life instead of the other way around.  It had seemed that up to this point, Logan had been looking out for number one, calling all the shots and being the gambler that Lorelai believed him to be.  Now, after his fall from grace with the Internet company, Logan is becoming a supporter of Rory and focusing less on himself.

The Lorelai and Logan conversation also solidified my belief in him.  It takes guts to talk to your girlfriend’s mom (especially late night in her house) and Logan jumped right in.  I was a bit annoyed that Lorelai had been beating it around the bush with her feelings towards Logan, making snide comments and keeping her real feelings to herself.  It was so great to see Logan take the initiative.  In reality, how many guys would actually have a heart to heart with their girlfriend’s mom? 

 At one point I thought that when they were going through the maze, it would be a perfect time for a proposal, but I think that might be too soon.  Perhaps in the season finale?  Right now I am all for a proposal come May.  Will Lorelai stand in the way?  I think that tonight’s episode showed just how much Logan loves Rory and that hopefully he is here to stay.  If the rumor mill of a short season in the fall is true, they better be hitched by then!  Though I often look forward to plot twists when it comes to my favorite shows, I hope that this relationship only moves forward.  Gilmore Girls fans, are we in agreement?

-Cameron Curtis, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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