This hasn’t been a good year for security on the set of 24.  A rogue CTU operative has smuggled out all the juicy details of the final hour of 24 season six.  The source in question has been absolutely on the money up to this point so there is no reason to doubt the veracity of this information.  Warning, these aren’t your gram pa’s spoilers, these are the spoilers that ‘go there’.  Proceed with extreme caution.

Jack Bauer

This is essentially the middle of the episode,  act 3 and 4.  Thanks for for the juicy info!  Read.  Spoil.  Enjoy!

  • 6 minutes left until jets reach oil rig. Jack finds a building with communication satellites and electricity on. Doyle sees 2 guards hiding to surprise attack them. Jack and Doyle sneak around. Phillip is watching on camera. Someone Chinese speaks on the walkie. They are asking for a “Dragonfly”. Phillip responds and says “Dragonfly” is dead, and that 2 Americans attacked them, but are now neutralized. The Chinese sub commander asks for the package. Phillip says he has it. They agree to keep the rendezvous the same.
  • Phillip and Josh leave the building to another place. Jack and Doyle are trailing nearby, and Jack sees Phillip cross his path behind a weakened fence. Josh follows shortly after. Jack calls out to him and says he will get him out of there. Josh looks at him as Jack is trying to break the fence, but then Josh just keeps going and following Phillip. Jack is like wtf Josh. Phillip hears Jack and shoots over at him and leaves. Jack and Doyle break the fence.
  • Phillip is trying to lower a boat into the water and asks for help. With his back turned, Josh grabs a pipe and hits Phillip with it and takes his gun. Josh lets him know that he was never going to go with him to China. Phillip is trying to talk sense into Josh, but then Josh shoots Phillip in the shoulder. Josh takes a step forward and before he shoots again, Jack arrives and talks sense into Josh.
  • While they hug, Phillip climbs/falls down to the deck below. Jack tells Doyle to take Josh to the chopper. Jack quickly catches up to Phillip. Phillip tells Jack to shoot him, but Jack doesn’t want to. Jack tells Phillip about a strike being minutes away. Phillip reveals being Josh’s father. Phillip tells Jack not to die here, and tells him to go. Jack leaves to the chopper.
  • Phillip sees the submarine arrives, but also sees two jets coming. Daniels is told the jets are in range and he gives the order to shoot. Doyle is yelling at Jack in the headset asking where he is. The jets shoot the missiles. Jack reaches the platform and dives into the chopper and the missiles hit the oil platform. Doyle takes off just as explosions are going off right behind the chopper and they get away. Then we see the submarine slide back into the water.
  • Daniels and Suvarov are coming to an agreement that the chip and everyone on the rig has been destroyed. Daniels and Suvarov are sending in divers to find remains of the component (um, yeah right, find a chip in an ocean at night). They end their video conversation, and Karen asks to speak to Daniels and Lennox alone.
  • Karen wants to resign and wants Daniels to tell the attorney general to exculpate Bill from the Abu Fayed matter so she can take the fall. At first, they both don’t want to her doing any of that, but she convinces them to help her sign off on it.
  • Bill is at CTU medical. Karen calls him. They do some more lovin’ talk. Nothing important. Then Karen tells him that he wont need to deal with the Fayed thing, but doesn’t tell him that it is because she resigned. She tells him she’ll be coming to LA soon to see him.
  • Chloe and Morris are in another medical room waiting for the doctor to come in and let them know why she fainted. To her and Morris’ surprise, the doctor tells her that she in pregnant. They hug, and we go to the final commercial of the season.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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