Gary Dourdan, cast member on the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is reportedly dating Lisa Snowdon, ex-girlfriend of George Clooney. According to World Entertainment News Network, Snowdon is pleased with her relationship with Dourdan but has no plans of settling down in the near future.

Snowdon said, “[Our relationship] is what it is. We dated a couple of years ago and kept in touch. And he’s a hottie. Gary and I like each other’s company. He lives in LA so we meet when we can. I’m keeping my options open. I’m a gypsy and I like my suitcase by the door and no ties. It comes from my modeling days. I love being on planes. I like that feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, suspended between continents, wondering what my next adventure will be.”

Dourdan, a 40-year old native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is best known for his role as Warrick Brown on the show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Prior to his inclusion on CSI, he worked in the play Different World and had a recurring part on the Showtime series Soul Food. For a short span of two years, he was married to Roshumba Williams, an African American model, and has a daughter named Nyla and a son named Lyric from other past relationships.

As for Snowdon’s former relationship, she remains to have fond memories of Clooney despite their breakup. Snowdon, a 35-year old English model and singer, dated actor Clooney in 2000 and again between 2004 and 2005. She recounted, “Sometimes I’d pinch myself. At the Ocean’s 12 premiere I looked around and there was Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt…it was weird…I’m not going to lie. It was fabulous – the glamour of it and being on the red carpet with him. I look back at my life and the circles that I’ve been hanging out in and it has been quite special.”

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: World Entertainment News Network

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Kris De Leon

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