One of the major revelations coming out of Lost was that the fake Locke, aka Jacob’s Nemesis, aka the Smoke Monster,  just wants to go home.  This raised one very real question: where is home?

Let the crazy Lost theories begin!  I’ve got five insane possibilities ready to go, though I’m not writing off the chance that Smokey’s home is Pittsburgh.

Smokey is the Devil and Wants to Go to Hell
The duality of Jacob and his nemesis and the constant religious imagery of Lost leads to the obvious conclusion that Smokey is a religious figure.  If he’s the Devil, maybe he’s sick and tired of this plane of existence, and since he’s proven the corruptibility of humans by getting Ben to kill Jacob, his work is done and he wants to go back to his fiery pit of infinite torment.

Smokey is the Devil and Wants to Go to Heaven
A more interesting analysis of Smokey as the Devil would be if the fallen angel Lucifer had a change of heart and was hoping to go back to Heaven.  Or maybe, if Jacob was God, killing him meant Lucifer would finally be able to start a coup d’etat in Heaven and take it over for himself.

Smokey is an Angel/God and Wants to Go to Heaven
It’s unclear on Lost who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.  It seems like Smokey is bad, but maybe that’s just misdirection, and the Others have actually been recruited by Lucifer to do his bidding.  If so, maybe Jacob was tying God to the Island, and with him gone, he’s free to go back home.

Smokey is an Alien and Wants to Go to His Planet
When I first saw the Temple, I immediately flashed to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and became violently ill.  What if Smokey’s “home” is another planet and he’s an alien?  Maybe all this Egyptian mythology has more to do with Stargate than I thought and the whole show is basically a fantasy reimagining of E.T., with Smokey wanting to “phone home.”  I would say this theory is too insane to even be considered, but this is Lost we’re talking about.

Smokey is from the Alternate Universe
Maybe Smokey is actually just stuck in the wrong reality and he really belongs in the altverse where Oceanic 815 landed safely.  As such, he’s trying to kill Jacob and break down the walls between the dimensions to get back home.  Basically, he’s Glory from season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Jacob is Dawn, aka the Key. 

So those are my current top four theories, with Pittsburgh coming in a close fifth.  Why Pittsburgh?  Why not?

What’s your theory about the Smoke Monsters “home”?

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