After five seasons of Lost, we have hundreds of unanswered questions.But we know asking for a hundred answers in a single season from the creators of TV’s mostmysterious show, would be asking a lot. So we’ve narrowed down the hundredsto a nice round Lost number: 16. These are the 16 unanswered Lost questions (both big and small) we hope won’t be a mystery come the end of season six. 

1. What are the Whispers?

Many people hear Whispers in the jungle, but what are these creepy sounds?  

2. How did Hurley Learn about Ajira 316?

We know exactly how Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun and Ben came to be on Ajira 316, but how did Hurley know about the flight?  

3. How did John Locke Come Back to Life?

Ben killed Locke, but after flying back to the Island, Locke was magically alive again. How?

4. What is the Sickness?

Based on Rousseau’s research team, Smokey may have something to do with the so-called Sickness on the Island, but we still don’t know it’s true cause or effects. 

5. Why is Desmond Immune to the Rules of Time Travel?

Though Faraday claimed at first that they couldn’t change the future,he did note that Desmond was special and these rules didn’t apply tohim. What makes Desmond so special? 

6. Who are Adam and Eve?

Back in season 1, the survivors came upon two bodies in a cave they called Adam and Eve. Who were these people?  

7. Who is Sarah’s Lover?

Jack’s wife left him for another man, but Jack never learned his identity. And after Jack came back, Sarah was pregnant, but with whose baby?

8. Who Sent Kate the Letter about Her Mom’s Cancer?

While Kate was on the run, she got a letter at a motel informing her of her mother’s cancer. But she was under an assumed name, so who knew she was there and sent her the letter?  

09. Does Walt have Special Powers?

Walt did some pretty amazing thing like astral projection and making polar bears appear. Or did he? We still don’t know if these were coincidences or Walt’s special abilities.   

10. Why does Hurley See Dead People?

Hurley was had conversations with Ana Lucia, Charlie and even played chess with Mr. Eko. Are these simply hallucinations, or does he have special powers like Miles? 

11. Where and When was Miles’ Photo of Ben Taken?

Miles had a photo of Ben sitting at a computer in some type of office. But since this doesn’t fit into the backstory we know of for Ben, where is it from?

12. Where is Claire?

Claire seemingly vanished into thin air during season 4, only to pop up in Jacob’s cabin. Is she dead? Is she alive? What happened to her and where is she now? 

13. How is the Island Connected to Egyptian Mythology?

We’ve seen statues of Anubis and hieroglyphics everywhere, but how is the Island connected to Egyptian mythology? Or maybe, how is Egyptian mythology related to the Island? 

14. Why does the island exist in a time line offset from the outside world?

Lost happens on “Island Time” and not the kind of pleasant laidback style that Hawaiian vacationers enjoy. No The Island doesn’tattend to any linear time line. We don’t just want to know why, we wantto know how.

15. How did Daniel know exactly when the “incident” would occur?

We might not have known when the “incident” was coming, but Daniel did. How?

16. What Happened to Cindy and the Other Tailies?

A group of Tailies including flight attendant Cindy Chandler were takenby the Others and began following them. But where is she now? In thesecond group of Others at the Temple Richard Alpert talked about?

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Abbey Simmons

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV