It’s been that long, but we’re finally here: the sixth, and final, season of Lost.

I can’t really imagine how it feels for all of you who’ve been around for six years, watching each episode multiple times, breaking each scene into crumbs, and arguing every possible explanation for the intentions of the DHARMA Initiative, or the Island, or the survivors themselves. After all, I’m just new to this game, having started watching the show last September–but, of course, I’m just as excited (and confused) as you are in finding out what this whole thing has been all about.

Last time we’re here, we were in the brink of a breakthrough. Jack’s plan to detonate Jughead so time will be reset was finally implemented, but not without a pretty significant toll–Juliet’s down in that hole, possibly dead, and Sayid’s also seriously wounded. The obvious question: did the bomb work? All indicators say that it did, but now what?

But that’s just half the story. Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid wouldn’t have detonated the bomb if they haven’t successfully returned to the Island via Ajira 316–but they’re in 1977. Sun’s stuck in the present time, finding a way to reunite with her 1977-bound husband Jin, and unwittingly being a witness to Locke’s efforts to kill Jacob. Well, she didn’t see the actual murder: that privilege goes to Ben, who did the actual deed, because he was abandoned by the great Island deity despite his loyal service, or so the argument goes. And then we realize that Locke is still a dead body onboard 316, and the Locke inside the statue is someone else…

It’s been almost two months since I finished catching up, and it’s annoying having a theory in my head, only to realize five seconds later that it’s not exactly airtight. So time was reset, and everything is all right, but isn’t it more or less delaying the inevitable–the trip to the Island? So that proves Daniel’s variables theory a bit wrong, right? Or is there really just nothing they can do?

And why are they supposed to be on the Island? Why these particular people? Is it some special quality, like being touched by Jacob? (Sayid and Hurley are the holes in that logic.) Is it their need for redemption? Because really, if that’s the case, then we should all be in the Island. What was Jacob up to, and what is the Man in Black planning to do with it? What’s Locke and Christian and Claire got to do with it?

Is this season really the beginning of the end, or just the end of the beginning?

Yes, I know, I missed some explanation entirely, but that’s why we’re here now: we’ll find answers together… and maybe fight about it a few weeks from now. Lost has 18 hours left, and I won’t be surprised if something pops up from out of the blue and steers this whole thing in a different direction.

Lost takes over ABC’s entire primetime schedule tonight, with an hour-long recap show from 8pm, and the two-hour season premiere, “LA X”, from 9pm. Here we go, folks. Plane’s crashing back to the Island. No bailing out. No turning back.

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Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV