Lost is not messing around.  Never has a season began with such intensity and forward-momentum as this one.  Maybe that’s just the natural progression of the Lost story – the more that’s is revealed, the higher the stakes get and each episode benefits as a result.  Or, maybe the Lost team really has been freed up by the prescribed season 6 end date.  Whatever it is, these last four episodes have been propelled forward by a cavalcade of new mysteries, some answered questions and the continued fracturing of the Oceanic 815 survivors.  It’s a sight to behold – the quantity of mind-blowing revelations contained in the first four episodes has been incredible.  Last night’s Kate-centric episode brought the most shocking final moment (at least for me) of the season so far.  Yes, even more shocking than the Ben reveal in episode 3. 

Let’s make one thing clear: Kate’s “child” in the flash-forward is Claire’s Aaron.  It wouldn’t make any sense for the writers to have that reveal if it weren’t the Aaron we already know.  Since last night, theories have been flying around fast and furious as to Claire’s fate and how her child ended up with Kate.  I’m of the belief that Claire is probably dead.  That’s the only way I see Kate taking Aaron.  Look at what we know about these characters.  Kate would give up her spot on the freighter or helicopter or whatever for Claire and Aaron in a heartbeat.  In a second, she would do it.  Also, even if they (whoever they are) are dead-set on rescuing Kate, and Claire is not forced to stay on the island, wouldn’t Claire keep Aaron on the island?  You’d think so.

Those last few fast-forward scenes were genius.  The writers really out-did themselves.  In the parking lot scene with Jack and Kate, the intimation was that Jack didn’t want to see Kate’s son because it would remind him of her and Sawyer.  That would have been a complicated enough situation for Jack – even if you think he’s being a wuss for not seeing the kid, you can understand where he’s coming from.  But, then the old bait and switch goes down, and we learn it’s Aaron.  This fact makes the Jack situation even more complicated.  That’s his nephew, whose mother is left behind on the island or dead, and Jack has been integral in covering up Claire’s true fate, whatever it may be, since returning.  Of course, we need to learn the circumstances of the Oceanic 6’s departure from the island before we judge any of these characters. 

The other question that keeps popping up in my head this season is, “What is the Oceanic 6’s incentive for keeping the truth a secret?” I don’t buy that it’s simply an agreement that ensures a monetary settlement or anything like that.  Jack, Kate and Sayid are too noble, too head-strong for that to be enough.  There has to be some sort of threat involved, right?  Something like, if they tell the truth, their friends on the island will all be killed.  I hope the writers have clear explanations for the Oceanic 6’s post-rescue motivations.  Even though we know bearded Jack eventually is remorseful and wants to go back to the island, his non-bearded demeanor is unworried.  It’s not like these people wouuld just forget about their fellow castaways. 

According to Carlton Cuse, by the end of episode 7 we’ll know who the entire Oceanic 6 is.  That means at least one, maybe two of the next three episodes will be flash forwards (I seriously doubt that Aaron is considered one of the Oceanic 6 members).  These are my bold predictions for the last two members of the Oceanic 6: Michael and Sun.

Questions to Ponder:

Did Jack give his testimony on the same day he played HORSE with Hurley?

Why exactly 3.2 million?

Is Aaron the “him” Kate refers to in the season three finale?

Did we witness the final goodbye between Sawyer and Kate?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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