ABC has released a new clip from next week’s Lost episode, “What Kate Does”. And, as the episode title suggests, the focus of the episode is Kate–specifically, her attempts to escape Edward Mars after Oceanic 815 lands in Los Angeles. (You can’t really say “again” because time has been altered. Or, again, was it?)

The clip in question focuses on that, too: Kate has taken over a taxi and used it as her virtual getaway vehicle. That taxi has a very frightened taxi driver–I understand he’d be frightened, but watch the clip and you’ll end up laughing at his predicament–and a similarly frightened Claire Littleton. Talk about timeline collides.

Kate and Claire were nice to each other on the Island, at least until Kate was forced to bring Aaron out of it. Now, well, they’re not so nice to each other. Surely it’s early days, but this scene should connect to Kate’s predicament on the Island–and what Claire would turn out to be–soon, right?

(Image courtesy of ABC)

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV