Lost definitely answered a lot of questions in the season 6 premiere, “LA X.”  Who is Jacob’s Nemesis?  He’s the Smoke Monster.  What happened when the bomb exploded?  It created an alternate reality.  What is the Temple?  It’s a freaky looking place full of giant hourglasses and strange Japanese men.

But for every question that got answered, five more popped up in its place, and most of them have to do with the mysterious alternate universe where the bomb exploded and sank the Island to the bottom of the ocean in 1977, allowing Oceanic 815 to land safely.  Here are some of my immediate questions about this Lost altverse.

Why/how was Desmond on Oceanic 815?

What was the mark on Jack’s neck?

Why didn’t Shannon come back with Boone?

What other original passengers weren’t on board?

Why wasn’t Boone in first class?

If the recording of the Numbers never existed and Leonard never heard it, did Hurley still win the lottery by playing them?

Why is Hurley’s luck good?

Why were Hurley and Sawyer sitting in the Tail Section?

Does Sun really not speak English?

Did John really go on the Walkabout?

Did the psychic still tell Claire to take Oceanic 815 even though it didn’t crash?

If the bomb exploded in 1977, was everyone on the Island killed?

If Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore were killed, does this mean Daniel Faraday and Penny were never born?

Is Juliet still working as a fertility doctor in Miami?

Did Jacob still attend Jin and Sun’s wedding or was he there when Locke was pushed out of a window?

What happened to Christian Shephard’s body and John Locke’s knives?

These are just the questions I have on my first reaction.  What other questions about the altverse do you have?

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