ABC just released a new clip off next week’s Lost episode, “The Substitute”, and judging from this 45-second scene, it’s a Locke-centric episode. Then again, the episode will go back to (fake) Locke after last night’s no-show.

There isn’t really much to ask here, so I’ll just describe the scene below: it’s Locke, back in the workplace, still paralyzed and being grilled because of his Australia trip…

Last night, we saw that even if the plane landed in Los Angeles, Kate still went through pretty much the same events she went through on the Island. Surely the same is the case for Locke. Say, will this episode see him get healed of his back issues, thanks to Jack, maybe? He’ll turn to his faithful ways because of what happened at the workplace? So many possibilities, but the same answers.

(Image courtesy of ABC)

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV