Big Brother comes at us tonight with its first live eviction episode of the season.  Who will be cruelly ejected from the house: Amber or Carol?  I’m leaning toward Carol, only because she hasn’t seemed to be much of a game player, and her ex-friend Jessica wants her gone.  Jessica doesn’t seem like someone who messes around.  I’ll be here giving live updates throughout the show.

Big Brother 8: First Eviction Episode, Live Results

We get a long recap of the first week of shows.  Nothing special.  I, personally, want Amber gone just because she cries so much.

Amber cries some more. 

Wow, they’ve been in the house for 13 days already.  I can’t imagine the level of boredom they feel.  Fun boredom, but boredom nonetheless. 

The debate for who to vote for begins.  Carol isn’t really being all that aggressive out there.  She thinks she has the votes.  Ahh.  Carol talks to Jessica about teaming up with and about the damage they could inflict going forward.  Jessica is non-plussed. 

Joe wants Carol to stay because Dustin hangs out with Amber a lot.  Do I smell jealousy? 

The Mrs. Robinson alliance discusses who to vote for as a group.  They are, as yet, undecided.  The house, as a whole, still seems pretty excited.

Audio problems between Julie and the live houseguests.  Jen gets put on the spot and is clearly unable to speak on live television.  She giggles and acts like an idiot. 

Everyone is dressed up, looking good.  Carol and Jessica are looking especially top-notch at this point. 

Daniele and Dick get put on the spot about their relationship.  It’s awkward.  Just like everything that Julie Chen provides over. 

Time for a segment on Dick and Daniele and their family.  We bring in Dick’s son/Daniele’s brother and then DIck mom/Daniele’s grandma.  Dick’s son says that Daniele stopped talking to her dad after she borrowed money from him, was unable to pay it back, and then Dick reacted unfavorably.  Dick seems like a good guy who just had a daughter at a very young age and was unable to cope.  His son loves him. 

Julie interviews Kail live.  No real new information.  Kail is pretty cool for a mother of three.    

Eric’s family and friends had no idea that Eric was America’s Player.  We see the friends and family’s reaction last Thursday to the announcement that Eric is America’s Player.  They aren’t happy about it, thinking it will take Eric away from his game plan.

America has chosen to vote to evict Carol. 

Julie is about to reveal the results.  Amber cries some more while giving her final thoughts.  Carol is much less emotional.  It looks like Carol is going home.

Carol gets evicted by a vote of 10 to 1.  Ouch. 

“Oh, this is so weird,” says Carol when sitting outside with Julie Chen.

Julie makes Carol watch clips of Jessica talking smack about her.  Funny stuff.

Time for the HoH competition.  It’s the old “Majority Rules” game.  Julie asks questions about their fellow houseguests.  If a player answers in the majority they move on to the next question.  If they’re in the minority, they are eliminated from the competition. 

Jen wins the Head of Household.  Well, then.  The rest of the week should be interesting.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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