“Across the Sea” didn’t feature many familiar faces, but the penultimate episode of Lost, “What They Died For,” is full of returning characters.  It’s also a title that promises serious answers about the major deaths in the series and possibly an explanation about the alternate universe.

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Continue reading for the official episode synopsis and the guest cast for this episode of Lost.

As always, the official synopsis doesn’t offer much insight.  “While Locke devises a new strategy, Jack’s group searches for Desmond.”

But the guest cast is full of names you’ll recognize.

Michelle Rodriguez as Ana Lucia

Ana Lucia is back, and the most likely scenario involves her working on a case in the alternate universe with Detective James Ford.

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Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau and Tania Raymonde as Alex

We’ve seen Alex before as Ben’s student in the altverse, but now her mom, Danielle, is back as well.  She could have plenty of secrets in the altverse, and maybe she’s even the mother of Jack’s son.

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Dylan Minnette as David

Jack’s son is back, so hopefully we’ll finally find out who his mom is.
Wendy Pearson as Nurse Kondracki

Wendy Pearson previously appeared in the original timeline as one of the doctors treating Desmond after his gunshot wound from Ben.  In the alternate universe, a school nurse with the last name Kondracki was revealed to be having an affair with the principal at Ben’s school.  Ben tried to blackmail the principal with this information in “Dr. Linus,” but failed.

Alan Dale as Charles Widmore and Sheila Kelley as Zoe

On the Island, Widmore as his number two are back.

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Mark Pellegrino as Jacob and Kenton Duty as Young Jacob

Not only do we get to see more of Jacob, but we’ll see him as an adult and as a teenager, since we now know that’s who the mystery boy in the jungle is.

Ashlee Kyker as student and Ernesto Lopez as LAPD cop

Two other roles are mentioned here, suggesting that part of the episode will deal with Ben’s school and part will deal with cops (most likely giving Ana Lucia a chance to interact with James Ford).

Lost airs Tuesday at 9pm on ABC.

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