Farewell to thee, Sun and Jin. It seems there’s no use to asking about which of you two is a candidate to replace Jacob now. If we’re to believe Jacob–him saying that the Island exists to prove that there is still good in the world–then the Kwons have fulfilled their destinies. They have reunited in the original timeline and are also together in the alternate timeline. Synthesis has been done. Time to pull the plug on one side of the fence.

As for Sayid? Despite being this guy with ambiguous morals from the very beginning, we knew he would deliver, and this week he definitely did. He didn’t kill Desmond! He ran away with the bomb! He saved (almost) all of the candidates and kept Locke stuck in the Island to continue his work! Call this a good way of subverting evil incarnate. Farewell to you too, Sayid. I figure you’d have a happy ending in the alternate timeline soon, too.

And Lapidus. Oh, Lapidus. I guess your destiny was to fly a plane to the Island and stay there forever. At least that accounts for everything. I don’t know what you’re up to on the alternate timeline, but I presume you’re having a drink with Seth Norris.

So, after last night, what have we learned?

One, Jack will be the only one left. That just confirms the spoilers, the episode title, and everything that this conflicted doctor has done from the beginning. In the four hours and thirty minutes left in Lost‘s run, he will be able to dodge everything and find himself fulfilling his destiny on the Island–whether that means being Jacob’s replacement or vanquishing Locke completely, I can’t tell yet.

Two, Desmond is still alive, and he will be a critical part of the realization of Jack’s goal. Since he’s the only guy who can synthesize both timelines, you definitely need him around. I guess that means we should say goodbye to Hurley soon, since he’s “reunited” with Libby a few episodes back.

Three, Locke is definitely evil. He’ll kill anyone just to facilitate his departure from the Island. But in the alternate timeline, he realizes he stepped the line–he was rejected from the walkabout, figures out he can’t do everything, and submits to that–so it might be safe to presume that, when all of this ends, Jack will “vanquish” Locke and make him realize that Jacob was right about the inherent good in people all along.

And then Desmond puts the finishing touches in his merging of the two universes, and it’s a happy ending for all. All of the other candidates will die, presumably because they’ve fulfilled their destinies, not to mention Jacob is done with them–they helped Jack get to where he is, and he’s done them a favor but rewarding them with everlasting, eternal happiness.

Don’t tell me I just cracked how Lost will end at the end of this month? Then again, I thought I had it right before…

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Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV