Lost Magnifying GlassHow does season 5 of Lost begin? With 815, those magic numbers that keep showing up everywhere. The numbers, however, aren’t the important part. The opening scene is an instant classic, just like when season 2 opened with Desmond in the Hatch.

At first you think it’s about one thing, then you realize it’s another, then it becomes a third thing, and then, just when you can’t be shocked any more, something happens that will really blow your mind. In the first five minutes, I counted about eight times I was stunned.

Since 815 isn’t much of a sneak peek, I’ll give you a little more. It shows up on a clock, and it goes from 8:14am to 8:15am, which is when someone wakes up.

For your hint, the person who wakes up is not one of the characters who was featured in the opening of any of the other seasons. To refresh your memory, the stars of past season opener teasers were Jack, Desmond, Juliet and Hurley.

As with all of our Lost hints, I beg all users not to print major spoilers in the Comment section. Please speculate all you want about this opening, but if you’ve seen the episode or you know what happens, please don’t ruin it for those who don’t know and don’t want to know.

Lost Season 5 Premiere Review

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer



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