Watching the first two hours of Lost season 5, I was reminded of the times when I truly loved this show. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Lost, growing frustrated when it seems to be going nowhere and being fascinated when it’s burning on all cylinders. Based on these first two episodes, Lost is back to “Oh My Effing God!” status.

'Lost' Season 5 Premiere Review

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There will be no spoilers here, because any true Lost fan should avoid spoilers like the plague. I have no problem learning what an episode is generally about or who will be appearing in the guest cast, but knowing the major secrets before they air is like buying a Christmas present for yourself – it ruins the surprise.

What I can say is that these first two hours, “Because You Left” and “The Lie,” both airing January 21 at 9pm, are vintage Lost, full of some unbelievable twists and a whole lot of groundwork for the season to come.

Like the last three seasons, the opening scene itself will leave your mouth wide open and you’ll probably forget to close it for a few minutes. The shocking part isn’t just what happens, but who, where, why, when and how.

The show returns not only with a vengeance, but with a purpose. We know the Oceanic 6 have to go back, which nicely addresses a serious concern fans often have: where is the show going? Now we have a goal, but we also learn in this premiere that there are some strings attached. We start to understand more about why they need to go back and how, but like every great episode of Lost, those answers only leave fans with more questions.

And if the opening scene doesn’t drop your jaw, the final scene will. Casual Lost fans won’t be impressed, but if you’ve followed and know every episode by heart, you will be positively floored, confused, and intrigued by what is said, who says it, and to whom they say it.

If I’m being interminably vague, I apologize. Over the next three weeks leading up to the premiere, I’ll have plenty of clues and hints about what you can expect to see. But rest assured, nearly all of the questions you had from the end of last season will be answered as these two hours cover everything.

We learn what happened to the island after Ben made it vanish and what happened to the inhabitants, as well as the people on the Zodiac between the island and the freighter. We see what’s going on with the Oceanic 6 and learn why they do or do not want to go back.

Season 5 of Lost is like watching a totally different show. The basic format and structure is a little different, the goal and storyline is a bit clearer, and all of the actors are actually used. This is not a case where the premiere only focuses on a small group of people, we get to see all of the main stars, several beloved recurring characters, and quite a few faces you might not expect to see.

Check out the Lost season 5 premiere Wednesday, January 21 at 9pm on ABC, and come back to BuddyTV every weekday from now until the premiere for clues about these two episodes.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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