Of course, a lot of people would be cynical about the show, not the least of whom are former loyal fans of The Bachelor.  Critics are quick to point out that this would be the show’s 13th season, and none of the 12 previous stars ended up marrying the final rose recipient.  Previously, we reported that this little statistical incongruity doesn’t seem to bother the new bachelor Jason Mesnick.

“I just knew it was real,” Mesnick tells the press during a recent converence call.  “A real love experience for me.  It’s something you have to experience to really, truly know. If that didn’t happen to me the first time, there’s no way I would do it [a second time].”  The first time, of course, was in reference to the way DeAnna Pappas rejected him on national television.

Some very minor spoilers ahead

As we head closer to the January 5th premiere of The Bachelor on ABC, we learned that the 25 contestants will not only try to win Mesnick’s heart as a man, they will also need to appear willing and ready to be the mother figure for Mesnick’s three-year-old son.  It had also been revealed that he and the winner of The Bachelor are already engaged, but he is not too keen on a televised wedding.

Meanwhile, Reality TV Scoop reveals that this season of The Bachelor will include more or less the following things: taking a woman on a private getaway to Las Vegas complete with a panoramic helicopter ride over Red Rock Canyon, a cozy dinner and performance by pop singer Kate Voegele, some words of advice from Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms, stars from the long-running soap General Hospital, plus a tour for Mesnick and six other women to a behind-the-scenes look at the soap, a private performance by R&B superstar Robin Thicke, and a ride over the Los Angeles area in a blimp.

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