So, sure, we all know that Elizabeth Mitchell is returning to Lost‘s sixth and final season (and I’ll never tire of saying those five words because it rolls nicely) and we’ve got an idea of how exactly it’ll go, but what about the other guy?  Sawyer, yep, I’m talking to you.

“Maybe she’ll be this beautiful angel that appears and you can have this erotic scene,” Josh Holloway told E! Online.

Okay, so it’s pretty clear he doesn’t have an idea how the return will pan out, if anything, but what he’s clear about is how Juliet going poof on him will affect him.  And here’s something we’ve probably heard of for a bit now: “Now that he’s lost Juliet, I think the leader-hero thing is gone.  I think he doesn’t give a s– to be anyone’s leader at this point.  He’s heartbroken.  He’s back to ‘the world sucks’ and maybe throughout this season someone can redeem him again and bring him back from hell, because right now, he’s in hell.”

Hell, being where he is right now.  Redemption, meaning the producers?  He was pressed about Sawyer’s fate on the show, and he’s got some ideas, too.  Well, more of speculation, more of guesses, nothing actually certain.  “Knowing Damon Lindelof, Sawyer must die,” he said.  “Maybe Carlton Cuse will soften.  I always thought he should die.  I think he should die because him and society is never going to work, so why go back?”

He’s right.  He does think the world sucks again.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Henrik Batallones

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