Its Jeff house on Big Brother this season.  The hunkyall-American former football player from Chicago has controlled each ofthe last four evictions, and now he’s the new HoH and steering the shipagain.

This episode was all about Jeff.  He debated taking Jordan with him toHawaii, he gardened shirtless in front of Kevin, he played Now andLater poker with Natalie and Russell, and he urged Michele to considera career in counterfeiting money.  Somehow between all that he foundtime to win HoH, nominate two people and consider a shocking backdoorbetrayal.

Basically, Jeff is a god at this point, and at least Russell has the brass cajones to say it.  When Jeff confronts him about Kevin’s lie, Russell says he’s never voiced the idea of betraying their final four deal and going after Jeff.  However, in an utter display of idiotic honesty, he also admitted that he wants Jeff gone because there’s no way in heck he could ever win against him in the end.

I love honesty as much as the next guy, but this may not be the right time for it.  Right now, despite nominating Natalie and Kevin, Jeff is completely open to the notion of backdooring Russell.  The plan is almost foolproof, because if Natalie, Kevin, Jeff or Jordan win HoH, he can go up.

But playing the Big Brother game doesn’t have to be all strategy.  Jeff and Jordan also talked about whether he would take her on the trip to Hawaii he won.  She’s willing to go, but only promises some making out and cuddling during their seven-night stay.  Sorry honey, but if you’re going on a free vacation to Hawaii with Jeff for seven days, you’d better put out a lot more than just cuddling.

And Kevin definitely agrees.  Another segment from this episode of Big Brother 11 showed Jeff working in the garden, shirtless.  Jordan was sunbathing and admiring her man, but so was Kevin who loved watching Jeff use his big hose and would love to have Jeff mow his lawn any day.  I’m guessing Kevin’s imagination is like a porno, with gardeners and pizza delivery boys stopping by every night.

My favorite moment of the episode was definitely Jeff’s conversation with Michele, where he attempted to understand exactly what a neuroscientist does.  I would normally make fun of him, except for the fact that I consider myself very well-educated and I have no idea what a neuroscientist does.  Also, I’m quite proud of all my Lego castles as well.

On the surface, it looks like Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Russell will continue to hold true to their final four deal.  But dig a little deeper and Jeff might finally be smart enough to pull the trigger and backdoor Russell this week.

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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