After a painfully long week without a new episode of Lost, the show returns with Jack and Flocke united, Sawyer and his group betrayed by Widmore, and an altverse where Jack has to perform surgery on John Locke.  After this episode, there are only four hours of Lost remaining, so treasure every second of it.

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If you didn’t already realize the end was near, this episode of Lost seals the deal, as not one, not two, not three, but FOUR series regulars get killed off.  I guess if they kill off everyone before the finale, they won’t need to worry about actors giving away any spoilers.

On Hydra Island, Widmore and his men herd the Island survivors into the same cage Sawyer was trapped in back at the start of season 3.  At least he knows how to get the fish biscuits this time.

Sayid, Jack and Flocke all land on Hydra Island.  Even though Jack still doesn’t want to leave the Island, Flocke explains that he could kill everyone if he wanted to, so instead he offers Jack the chance to work with him to free his friends in the cage.

Sayid disables the power to the anti-Smoke Monster defense system which lets Smokey arrive to kill a whole lot of people.  Jack opens the cage door and explains that he’s with Smokey.  They all walk to the Ajira plane, but when they get there, Flocke finds C-4 designed to blow up everyone who gets on board.  Since he’s unsure whether Widmore put more there, they have to abandon this plan and go for the submarine.  Sawyer doesn’t like this, so he convinces Jack to help him stall Flocke when they arrive.

They arrive at the sub and first, Sawyer, Lapidus, Hurley, Jin and Sun head down and get control.  The rest are still up top when Widmore’s team starts firing.  Jack pushes Flocke into the water as Sawyer suggested and Kate gets hit with a bullet.  Jack, Sayid and Kate go inside and Sawyer thinks that’s enough, so he closes up the sub, leaving Claire and Flocke on the dock.

Claire is upset, but Flocke is fine, because he put the C-4 in Jack’s bag attached to a timer.  Jack finds it as the submarine descends with less than four minutes left before it explodes.  Jack is confident that Flocke is unable to kill them since he hasn’t yet and that his goal is to get them to kill each other, so if they do nothing, the bomb won’t go off.  Sawyer disagrees, so he pulls out the wires to stop it.

That fails and the timer speeds up.  Sayid tells Jack to save Desmond in the well before picking up the bomb and running away.  It explodes, so Sayid gets blown up and the submarine is sinking.  A door hits Lapidus, most likely killing him.  Sun is pinned to the wall, so Jin, Sawyer and Jack stay behind to help while Hurley takes Kate out.  Sawyer gets injured, so Jack takes him up to the surface, but since Sun is still pinned, Jin refuses to leave her ever again.  He stays there are goes down with the ship and his wife.

In other words, the show just killed off four series regulars: Lapidus, Sayid, Jin and Sun.  WTF?  This is so much more confusing and shocking than Ilana’s death that I can’t even process it.  I’m utterly speechless.

Jack, Sawyer, Hurley and Kate wash ashore, and after learning about Sun and Jin’s fate, Hurley breaks down in tears, probably thinking of little orphan Ji Yeon.  Jack stares at the ocean and cries as well.

Across the sea (the title of next week’s episode), Flocke tells Claire that the sub sank, but not everyone died.  So he needs to go finish what he started.  It seems Jack was right, and just like he did with Jacob, Flocke is getting others to do his dirty work and kill everyone.


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