The future of LOST may be its past! So far LOST has made two trips back to catch up with plane crash characters, ‘The Other 48 days’ chronicled the adventures of the tail section survivors, and this week’s ‘Expose’ will flashback to overview newcomers Nikki and Paulo’s misadventures since Oceanic 815 first broke apart and scattered itself over the mysterious island. The latest rumors circulating indicate that LOST will be going even further back in time, on and off the island, before the season is done. Read on for the who, what, where, and when.

Just when you think you knew it all about Dharma, prepare for an information overload in episode 20, which will be airing May 9th.  The so far untitled episode will go way back to the 70’s and will, if rumors are true, explain a lot about the first interaction between the Dharma folks and the indigenous island people who we have come to know as ‘The Others’.  Amongst the characters will be a younger Dr. Marvin Candle, the mysterious DeGroots, and a staunch by-the-numbers Hanso representative who may have a secret agenda.  There is no information as to whether the entire episode takes place in the past, or, if it doesn’t, how it will interface with the present events on the island.

Some of the characters, if rumors are true, will make their way from this episode into the May 23th two-hour finale to continue their trek through time.  That episode will likely be Ben centric and is rumored to give us an insight into the island that will have fans talking all summer long.  Dharma will, again, factor heavily into the episode and the fabled ‘incident’ as well as the ‘purge’, (one in the same?), will be touched upon.

The pressure amongst the writers at this point is to come up with something of the magnitude of Season One’s ‘what is in the hatch’ cliffhanger.  It is thought that season two’s kidnapping / Arctic listening post ending just did not generate enough discussion amongst fans to cull the kind of ratings that the hatch reveal brought in.  So look for all this island history to hook up with a present day dilemma of the mind blowing variety.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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