Some of the most fun I have here at BuddyTV is reading the comments left by you, the users.  And especially during American Idol, we’ve been getting a ton of user comments.  Sure, sometimes I read things like “You suck, Oscar Dahl,” or “Blow it out your ass, Oscar.”  That’s never fun but, for the most part, the comments are enjoyable.  So, today we’re going to start what will hopefully become a weekly feature on the site: the comments of the week.

This week we’re going to focus on some of the comments we recieved for my Wednesday article on Sanjaya Malakar, entitled The Sanjaya Situation, Redux.  Without further ado, here are the best (and worst) comments of the week:

Funniest comment

My male cat sounds better when crying for food than Sanjaya….

– Kittycat from San Diego

Best Tiny Tim-Related Comment

Everyone remember Tiny Tim, He tip toed through the tulips and everyone watched. Now we have Sanjaya. Who’s worse.

– Mary from NJ

Most Non-Sensical Bizarre Comment

This travesty happening on AI is the result of what the producers and “judges” have given the people to work with. Simon was so wrong about little Stephanie- for HE IS THE ONE WHO HAS TRULY LOST HIS ETERNAL SOUL. Smug and arrogant he is, yet, he knowingly put the less talented on ratings- and has kill the chances of the more talented. With full duplicity, he preaches that this is a singing competition to try to back away from his very own choices in teh first place. To the Talented who were sent home early he is tantamount to being their TRAITOR- the legitimacy of Idol has been forever been tarnished. If I were Simon I’d personally check the fine print of my contract, hidden deep inside, he’ll find that he has made a deal with the Devil. He may be rich and powerful, but, I can guarantee, as the years progress he will get it all back and more. Many sleepless nights await. Who would want to be the figurehead for the Devil anyway…? So, Stephanie will thrive and the wizen Simon will fade into the nothinness that he really is. Paula and Randy were obviously drinking and rudely laughing when Simon let the talent impared throguh. And he’s the voice of reason. Really Simon, your opinion sucks. My twelve year old brother is a better pick of talent them him. It’s sad when one FAILS at a job that anyone, even the mildly impared can do. Go back to England, I for one am sick of your influence.

– bill rice from New York

Most Irrational Pro-Sanjaya Comment

GO SANJAYA! He rocks and he WILL WIN! You don’t think so, stick around. He will sell more CDs than all other AI finalists together! WOWOWOWOWO SANJAYA! All of you are just jealous of himbecause he rocks!

– Tina from Minneapolis

Most Rational Pro-Sanjaya Comment:

Give Sanjaya a break. Kudos to him for maintaining the courage to get out in front of millions of viewers to sing despite the open criticism. He’s a cute, nice kid and definitely appeals to the young teens and tweens. If you don’t like him, vote for someone else if you’re voting at all. Remember Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett, Scott Baio and all the other “actor/singers” of the 70’s Tiger Beat generation? Teen magazine were packed with many pictures of the latest “hunks and heartthrobs.” American Idol didn’t exist then, but many of these guys recorded songs with echos and other technical enhancements that sold lots of records that were played on pop radio stations nationwide. Today, we have websites with plenty of worshiping going on and sophisticated and complex marketing machines packaging and repackaging the talented and untalented to sell more to consumers. AI is a singing competition and a voting competition that also gives many aspiring singers EXPOSURE. Even if your favorite singer doesn’t get crowned, this will not be the last time you hear from or about them. AI has become a vehicle to launch careers and celebrities, good, bad and questionable. Don’t forget Clay Aiken, William Hung, etc. etc. etc. Underdogs seem to garner a lot of sympathy. There are people out there who want to see talent develop each week. The strongest and most talented singers will remain as long as voters continue to support/vote for them. Any way you look at it, American Idol is popular entertainment that stirs controversy which only draws attention. In the end, the producers are loving it and skipping happily to the bank!

– Sally from Frederick

Best Sad, But True Comment

We can only hope the masses voting for Sanjaya aren’t old enough to vote in the upcoming Presidential elections.

– Rose from PA

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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