Lost may have missed out on Kristen Bell, but it looks like the fans may have won out in the end!  More casting scoops have been reported today that give us a peek at who Lost’s casting hounds may have chosen to fill the role that was originally offered to Kristen Bell.  If you’ve been watching Lost’s latest additions closely, you’ve probably noticed a certain quality to hit opposite extremes of charisma and creepiness.  This addition is no exception.  Also, another new casting move, and some healthy speculation.  Beware of minor spoilers.

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The actress currently in line to play Charlotte, according to E!Online, is Rebecca Mader.  The British actor has a short, but distinguished list of film credits going back to 2003.  Aside from that, though, she has ‘the look’ that satisfies the more subtle, yet important, aspects of the Charlotte character.

Of course, this all depends on how you read the casting notices.   Lost has been known to muddle things enough to avoid giving away any character traits that could betray the context of the role, or even where the character belongs.   Along with the character of Russell, Charlotte is assumed to be part of Naomi’s group who were contacted in the finale of Lost season 3, “Through the Looking Glass.”

There is absolutely no official word on this.  In fact, some folks are murmuring that there are new characters, such as the one played by Ken Leung, that are so top secret that only the powers that be know anything about them.  With a long wait ahead of us until Lost returns in February, expect Lost‘s spin masters to make it as hard as possible to learn anything from casting notices and other commonly public materials.

In other casting news, actor Jeremy Davis will be joining the cast as well.  His involvement is unknown at this point, but a lot of people are assuming he is up for Russell since that is the only other known vacancy at this point.  It could be, however, that Leung is not alone in having a secret role.  Davis played a chilling Charles Manson in the remake of Helter Skelter, so it would not be surprising to see him as part of a darker, more violent group.  He still could merely be a player in a flashback/forward as well.

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