More details are emerging concerning the Lost Blu Ray edition that will be hitting stores later this year.   Since Touchstone/BV Home Entertainment have yet to release the technical specs for the set, fans have been pre-ordering the set in the blind.  We’ve been on the hunt for details, and yesterday received words from Lost maestro Carlton Cuse that the Blu Ray set will definitely give Lost the quality treatment it deserves.  Did we ever doubt it?

In response to our previous article that mentioned the fact that the specs had yet to be released, Lost’s co-show runner, writer, and all around swell guy Carlton Cuse straightened me out via e-mail on the Lost season 3 Blu Ray edition’s technical specs.  “I can confirm for you that the Blu Ray discs will be full-on 1080p,” Carlton confirmed.

With all those extra pixels, nut jobs  – like me – who go through each episode frame by frame hoping to unearth hidden messages and clues will now have a far clearer source to work with.  Was the concern much ado about nothing?  Not really.  I’ve received a number of e-mails pointing out that all Blu Ray discs are capable of being shown at 1080p.  But it’s not the destination that counts.  It’s what is on the disc.

One of the common complaints as studios enter the fledgling High Definition market is that earlier efforts sometimes contained prints derived from broadcast standard transfers.  As anyone with High Definition cable knows – depending on how anal a technophile you are – most broadcast HD that exceeds the 720p resolution contains digital ‘noise,’  a phenomenon that apparently occurs in the compression of the many gigabytes of information required to create the HD quality moving picture.   Even 720p sometimes suffers from this phenomenon.

Even though Blu Ray – and less so HD-DVD – use similar compression, they have a wider and faster data rate than most broadcast systems, which means less compression is required.  The only quality factor in that case becomes limitation of the storage medium.

Quite simply, new transfers into 1080p for the Blu Ray format will be a whole new viewing experience for Lost fans, one that makes rewatching the entire series all the more justifiable (pshaw, like we need a reason).

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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