Jen, it’s been nice knowing you.  Usually, controversial (read: unlikable) characters on reality shows have moments, if fleeting, of goodness where a viewer might feel a change of heart coming on.  But, no, Jen was not going to tease us with any likable qualities on this season of Big Brother 8.  The vapid model/nanny from Beverly Hills was as self-centered and annoying on day one as she was tonight, when she was finally, mercifully, evicted from the Big Brother house.  Those watching the live feeds knew that this had been a foregone conclusion for quite some time, as did Jen.  Nonetheless, here’s what went down during tonight’s live eviction episode.

Best Non-Jail Cigarette Related Fight Ever 

The big fight of the week, perhaps of the season, was started because Jen decided it would be a good idea to destroy Dick’s cigarettes.  Ostensibly, this was done because Jen was retaliating for the barrage of insults spewed at her by Dick, but it was petty and she had to knew that Dick was going to go ballistic.  So, when Dick couldn’t find his cigarettes, the fireworks began.  Dick tore the house apart searching for his smokes, but couldn’t find them.  What he did find were Jen’s clothes, which she had put in garbage bags as to avoid retaliation from Dick.  Well, Dick found them and locked them in the HoH room. 

Phase 2: Jen, still on food restriction, decides that she’s going to eat.  Why?  It’s hard to say, but I agree with Dick’s reasoning: like always, Jen wants attention.  Jen cooks some food, makes a little spectacle of herself and starts shoving food down her mouth outside in front of Jessica and Eric.  Dick, wanting to piss Jen off, decides to smoke one of his remaining cigarettes near Jen while outside, knowing she hates being around smokers.  Jen flips out at Dick and tells him to leave.  Dick isn’t going to leave, obviously.  Jen then, stupidly, tries to forcibly take the cigarette from Dick, and in the fracas ends up getting herself burned.  Dick berates her as she runs inside to the bathroom, crying.  Quality, family television. 

Shameless CBS Cross-Promotion #2,371

Daniele and Amber take their trip to New York in a private jet to be contestants on Power of 10, the Drew Carey hosted game show.  Nothing all that special occurs.  The episode in question will air on Tuesday at 8, right before Big Brother.  In a funny side note, Nick is there in the audience to support Daniele.  We’ll see how that went over on Tuesday. 

A Trouncing

The live vote comes and the results are as expected.  5-0 in favor of evicting Jen.  6-0 if you count the penalty vote Jen garnered for breaking food restriction.  Jen, though, is extremely happy to be leaving the house, and everyone else is happy to see her go.  Including America.

The Power Four Holds Serve

The Head of Household competition tonight involved the participating houseguests sitting on one of those big dunk tanks of water.  Julie asks the group questions in which they have to guess how one of the evicted houseguests would answer a question about the current houseguests.  It comes down to Jessica and Dick, with Jessica prevailing.  It’s her second HoH of the season, and it probably means that Jameka and Amber are going back up on the block.  But, you never know, Jessica and Eric could switch allegiances again. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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