It’s a testament to CBS, Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst and the entire Survivor team that the show, even entering its fifteenth season, still produces a huge amount of excitement among fans.  Being a fan of the show from its very first season, I can tell you that Survivor: China is something I’ve looked forward to with bated breath ever since the location was announced. I love it when Survivor heads out to an extra exotic locales, somewhere new, and China may just be the final unexplored frontier for Survivor.

From all the pictures and videos CBS has leaked, the setting is as unique as a fan could hope for.  The members of the great fan site Survivor Fever are experts at uncovering spoilers and information earlier than anyone else and they have not disappointed this season.  Go no further if you don’t want to know who the first two eliminated castaways may be. 

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Before we get to the first two cast-offs, there’s another bit of info that Survivor Fever has gotten their hands on before CBS has said anything.  It looks like in lieu of Exile Island (which will not exist this season), the victorious tribe at every reward challenge will have the option of kidnapping a member of the opposing tribe.  That kidnapped castaway will be given a note from Jeff Probst before leaving with the opposing tribe.  The note will contain a hint to the location of the hidden immunity idol (each camp will have a hidden idol).  The kidnapped gets to choose any member of the opposing tribe to give the note to.  The kidnapped tribe member will return to their tribe right before the next immunity challenge.

This sounds like a nice little added wrinkle to the game that we haven’t seen before.  I wonder if a tribe will ever turn down the opportunity to kidnap someone.  It is a strategic disadvantage to bring in the enemy.  I don’t think I’d let it happen.

According to a few sources, it looks like farmer Steve ‘Chicken’ Morris will be the first eliminated contestant.  This makes sense, considering he is the oldest castaway, and probably the least able challenge participant.  The second eliminated cast-off looks to be WWE diva Ashley Massaro, which may come as a disappointment to WWE fans.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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