Is this the night that Jen finally leaves the Big Brother house?  It’s either Jen or Jameka tonight, and if you’ve been paying attention to the live feeds, you know that the odds are definitely stacked against Jen.  Jen, who was supposed to be on slop for the remainder of her time in the house, broke the rules and began eating her heart out.  After much discussion, the Big Brother producers decided to give Jen a penalty vote in this upcoming eviction vote.  So, things don’t look good.  However, as we all saw last week, anything can happen during the live vote.  I’ll be here throughout the hour giving live, up to the minute updates during the show.

As much as I dislike Jen, I still wish Amber was on the block.  I really cannot stand any more of her crying.  It is killing me. 

Julie Chen speaks good.

Daniele explains her nomination of Jen.  She’s a threat, yada yada yada.

Dick walks into the workout room where Jen is on the treadmill and starts berating her about not being on the show for the money.  He calls her a “bitter bitch” a phrase that just rolls off the tongue. 

Jen and Daniele talk shop in the HoH room.  Jen even sheds a tear, much to her own chagrin (she calls it “awkward”).  Weird girl, that Jen.  Soon after, Daniele and Amber leave for their trip to the Power of Ten.

Jen contemplates not going to the sequester house when she gets eliminated.  Dick, tired of her whining, begins smoking right in front of her, a method he dubs “the Jen repellant”.  In response, Jen steals Dick’s cigarettes.  And, then Jen just starts cooking.  The other houseguests, knowing she’s on slop, are a tad baffled by her behavior.  Next, Jen heads into the storage room and destroys Dick’s cigarettes. 

Dick, with advice from Jessica, decides to go check on his cigarettes, fearing that Jen would do exactly what she ended up doing, messing with his cigarettes.  Dick is PISSED.   He tears through the house looking for his cigs, doesn’t find them, but finds Jen’s clothes  instead.  He locks them in the HoH room. 

Jen is Jen through it all.  She starts eating.  Her aloof indifference is so freaking annoying.  Not that Dick is blameless in everything, but I’d rather have him around then Jen.  Jen is pigging out.  Idiot.  Jen tells us in the Diary Room that she has received a penalty vote for breaking her food restriction. 

Wow.  Jen is eating her face off outside and Dick walks outside, sits down a few feet away and starts smoking.  Jen flips out that he’s smoking near her and tries to forcibly take the cigarette from Dick.  Dick tells her to go away, but Jen refuses to stop.  She keeps reaching for the cigarette.  Dick tells her to stop or he’ll burn her.  Then, while dodging Jen’s hand he inadvertently burns her with the cigarette a couple of times.  Crazy stuff.  Jen flips out, cries and runs inside.  Dick cusses her out.

Now, we get some extra special cross promotion!  We follow Dani and Amber’s trip to New York.  They get to ride in a sweet private jet.  Amber remains annoying.  Amber and Dani will play against each othe.  I wonder who has the upper hand in that match-up? 
HAHAHAHA!  Nick is going to be in the crowd as Daniele’s support.  The episode is on next Tuesday at 8 before that night’s Big Brother episode.

Now we go live to the Big Brother house.  Julie tells Jen she is the first person in eight years to break food history.  She says that she was upset with Big Brother and so she ate. Well-reasoned, Jen.

Julie talks to Dani, whose alone in the HoH room.  She asks if there might be a chance that she’ll turn on her dad at some point.  She says no, if only because she’d love to be sitting next to him in the final two, for obvious reasons. 

Jen pleads her case to the houseguests as to why she should stay in the house.  She pretty much says that she’ll be happy to leave.  Good argument, Jen.  Jameka is grateful and kind, but needlessly.  She’s sticking around. 

Time for the live vote.

Amber votes to evict Jen. 

Dick votes to evict Jen, and he’s really happy about it.

Eric/America vote to evict Jen. 

That’s it, Jen is gone, but there are more votes.

Zach votes to evict Jen.

Jessica votes to evict Jen. 

There it is 5-0, or 6-0 if you count the penalty vote.  Hooray!

As Jen leaves, Eric gives her a little verbal parting gift, “As happy you are to be gone, we’re happier that you’re leaving.”  Jen is ecstatic to have been evicted.  The interview with Julie is almost unbearable.  The taped messages are nicer than they probably should be. 

Nice.  Big Brother is going to need Jen’s help for the HoH.  That should be fun.

Time for the HoH.  The game is called “Tanks for the Memories”.  Each participant sits over a tank of water.  CBS polled the five evicted houseguests on various opinionated questions.  If you get a question wrong, Jen presses the button that drops you into the dump tank.

Jessica wins Head of Household!  That means Jameka and Amber are going back up one would think.  And that’s about it for the episode. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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