At first, I wasn’t so sure about these Lost Mobisodes.  Episode one, with Jack and and his father exchanging pleasantries prior to Jack’s wedding, was relatively worthless, and didn’t bode well for the content of the Mobisodes.  The second was better (Frogurt is real!) and the third was appropriately chilling (any conversation with Ben is).  Episode four, which debuted today on Verizon cell phones, was the best and most significant Missing Pieces installments thus far.  It takes place at the tail end of season 2, when Michael is held captive in a tent by the Others.  He’s given the list of people to bring to the Others, told to free Ben, and in doing so will receive his son and a boat off the island for his troubles.  The Mobisode, entitled “The Deal,” is a simple conversation between Juliet and Michael regarding Ben and Walt.

Juliet walks into the tent and introduces herself to Michael.  She tells him that the boat he asked for, it’s his.  The deal is on. She tells him that she spent time with Walt and that he’s a very smart, special boy.  She’s glad Michael and Walt will be getting off the island.  She tells Michael that the man he’s going to free is named Ben, and the he’s very important.  He’s the person that can get Michael off the island.  Juliet tells Michael that she made a deal with Ben too.  He saved her sister’s life.  Juliet tells Michael he has his list, and she leaves.

It’s good to see Michael again.  This was an important conversation in the scheme of things, because we can see how good of a job Juliet did of motivating Michael and probably convincing him that he NEEDED to get Ben out, otherwise Michael might never get off the island.  While Michael doesn’t act convinced of Juliet’s words, they probably resonated inside of him, giving Michael the strength of mind to do what he had to do, including murder, to free Ben and get his son back.  Juliet continues to be an enigma.  Is she being genuine, or is she using some Ben-esque mind games?  It’s hard to tell.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: DarkUFO
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Oscar Dahl

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